Relatively Speaking: Three One Acts by W. Allen, E. Coen & E. May

Three one-act comedy plays, Relatively Speaking, by Woody Allen, Ethan Coen and Elaine May will arrive on Broadway, beginning previews in Sep 2011, and open in Oct 2011, at a theatre to be announced.

Relatively Speaking's three one-acts: 'Talking Cure,' 'Georger is Dead' and 'Honeymoon Motel,' will be directed by John Turturro and produced on Broadway by Julian Schlossberg and Letty Aronson.

Woody Allen's Broadway credits: 'From A to Z' (1960), 'Don't Drink the Water' (1966), 'Play It Again, Sam' (1969) and 'The Floating Light Bulb' (1981). For his film work he has been nominated a 21 times for Academy Awards, of which he has won three: "Annie Hall" (Best screenplay & Best Director) and "Hannah and Her Sisters" (Best Screenplay). He has also been nomianted for 21 Bafta Awards, of which he has won nine: "Annie Hall" (Best screenplay & Best Director), "Manhattan" (Best Screenplay), "Broadway Danny Rose" (Best Screenplay), "The Purple Rose of Cairo" (Best Film & Best Screenplay), "Hannah and Her Sisters" (Best screenplay & Best Director), "Husbands and Wives" (Best screenplay). In 1997 he was presented with Bafta's Academy Fellowship.

Ethan Coen will make his Broadway debut with Relatively Speaking. Off-Broadway credits include 'Almost an Evening' and 'Offices' Coen, along with his brother Joel, has received 13 Academy Award nominations, winning four for 'Fargo' (Best Screenplay) and 'No Country for Old Men' (Best Screenplay, Best Motion Picture of the Year and Best Achievement in Directing). Along with his brother Joel, he has also been nominated for 11 Bafta Awards, winning one for 'No Country for Old Men' (Best Director).

Elaine May's Broadway credits: 'An Evening With Mike Nichols' and Elaine May's' (playwright and actor), 'The Office' (actor), 'Taller Than a Dwarf' (playwright) and 'After the Night and the Music' (Playwright). May's Off-Broadway playwright credits include '3 x 3,' 'Adaptation/ Next,' 'Mr. Gogol and Mr. Preen,' 'Death Defying Acts,' 'Power Plays' and 'Adult Entertainment.' May won a Bafta Award for 'Primary Colors' (Best Screenplay), and has twice been nominated for Academy Awards: 'Heaven Can Wait' (Best Screenplay) and 'Primary Colors' (Best Screenplay).

John Turturro (Director) is an Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe Award nominated actor. He made his Broadway debut in the play 'LifeX3' and will make his Broadway bow as a director. He has enjoyed a long time collaboration with Ethan Coen, appearing in his films 'Miller's Crossing,' 'Barton Fink,' 'The Big Lebowski' and 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?.' He produced, directed, and starred in the film 'Illuminata' and wrote and directed the feature film 'Romance and Cigarettes.' Most recently, he directed 'Passione' which premiered at the Venice Film Festival this past year and opens across the country this summer.

The one-act comedy by Ethan Coen, Talking Cure will have a cast of four. A casting notice describes the characters as:

  • Doctor: Man, 40s–50s. Present-day psychiatrist in a mental hospital, struggling to help his patient, Larry. Calm and rational.
  • Larry: Jewish, mid 30s-40s. An emotionally dark and fragile former postal worker who is now a patient in a mental hospital. A fractured intellectual who is guarded, dangerous and at times belligerent. He has a unique perspective on life and logic. Can be plump but not necessary.
  • Wife: Jewish mid 30s – early 50s. Married to Reuben, she wears the pants in the family. Pregnant, she is constantly bickering with her husband (in the 1950’s).
  • Husband: Jewish, 30s – early 50s. Married to Hildy, he is constantly bickering with his wife to the point of being driven over the edge. (in the 1950’s). He has had it with her.

The one-act by Elaine May, George is Dead, will feature a cast of five. A casting notice describes the characters as:

  • Carla: 50s-60s. Daughter of Doreen’s nanny. Middle class. A generous and kind woman who is constantly putting others before her own needs. A caretaker who is constantly looking to receive her mother’s love and attention.
  • Michael: 50s-60s. Carla’s husband. A high school History teacher, he is a bit self-absorbed and is tired of always being second with Carla and her family.
  • Carla’s Mother: Late 60s-80s. Carla’s elderly mother and Doreen’s former nanny. She is dismissive and has never been available to her own daughter.
  • Thomas Moran: 30s-50s. A funeral director. Polite and professional.
  • Doreen: CAST. Auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary, and/or as understudy. 60s. Very wealthy, self-involved, self-centered woman whose second husband, George, has just died.

The one-act by Woody Allen, Honeymoon Motel, will feature a cast of ten. A casting notice describes the characters as:

  • Jerry Spector: Jewish, 50s-60s. In love with his stepson’s bride. Charismatic and compelling, he is indulgently philosophical. Unsuccessful novelist who is jealous of his stepson.
  • Nina Roth: Jewish, 20s – early 30s. Attractive. Smitten with her groom’s stepfather. Intelligent and pretty. She is someone who has never been impulsive until now. and uninhibited.
  • Eddie: 50s-60s. Jerry’s concerned best friend. Rational, but has humor.
  • Judy Spector: Jewish, 50s-60s. Jerry’s wife. A ballbuster but loves both Jerry and her son Paul. Incredibly proud mother to Paul.
  • Sam Roth: Jewish, 50s-60s. Nina’s father. A good guy, he is kind and decent. A mensch.
  • Fay Roth: Jewish, 50s-60s. Nina’s mother. Flighty and ditzy. She has had two love affairs without regret. Affectionate to both her husband and daughter however one wonder if she loves her husband.
  • Rabbi Baumel: Jewish man, 50s-70s. A man who loves the sound of his own voice.
  • Dr. Brill: 40s-60s. Jerry’s psychiatrist, he thinks very highly of himself.
  • Sal: Italian American, 20s-30s. Pizza delivery guy. Working-class and less educated than everyone else, but the smartest guy in the room.
  • Paul Jessup: 20s – early 30s. Jerry’s stepson and Judy’s son. Successful writer. Attractive, confident and intelligent. A mama’s boy who thinks very highly of himself and can do no wrong.