What to see in New York in February

Here's our top picks of theatre to check out in February 2021.

Photo credit: Elain Graham, Larry Powell and Lillias White in While I Yet Live (Photo by James Leynse)

2020 forced Broadway theatres to close, but a constant stream of innovative online productions has meant New York theatre continues to stay alive. With rehearsed readings, solo concerts and Valentine’s Day specials throughout February, pack your evenings with the best theatre entertainment around. Here’s our top recommendations on what to see fro m New York theatres in February 2021.


Thinking up a positive future feels like a necessity in these times. So brand new theatre plus manifestation teachings definitely seems like the right production to kick off February theatre in New York. Alexis Scheer’s latest show will encourage audiences to translate their dreams into reality over six days, ending in a casting of energy at 2:06pm on February 6. To manifest correctly, you have to be thankful for what you receive, and we’re grateful that this production has come about at this time.

Online, from February 1. 

Live From Mount Olympus

Hadestown’s Andre de Shields and Rachel Chavkin reunite for a theatrical podcast packed with Greek myths. Throughout the series of six audio plays where monsters and gods rule, Chavkin co-directs, while Shields voices Hermes, the god of luck and thieves. Adapting Greek myths that are thousands of years old isn’t easy, but this podcast translates legend into fresh ideas. And if there's anything we've learned in the past year, it's that anything can happen — so Greek myths aren't too far fetched.

Online, from February 2. 

Broadway WhoDunit

We’ve all watched a thrilling true crime documentary and thought of ourselves as an undiscovered detective. But, could you solve a murder? Combining Broadway with mystery, Dear Evan Hansen’s Andrew Barth Feldman presents a theme-park-themed Broadway Whodunit, where you’ll have to uncover the murderer’s identity in real time. An all-star cast including Erika Henningsen, Michael Park and Will Roland will feature in this live, unscripted craziness, and you won’t want to miss the fun.

Online, from February 6.

Rubix Control

We can’t travel far at the moment, but thanks to Rubix Control, we can actually leave the planet. Shoot off for an interstellar trip to Mars with a team of space settlers until… the ship loses connection and you're left to your own devices. Rescue the ship and communicate with Mission Control once more or be left floating in the galaxy forevermore.

Online, to February 6.

Seth Rudetsky Concerts

Seth Rudetsky’s weekly virtual series has entertained audiences by bringing the best of Broadway to our ears. For February 2021, there’s Tony Award winners galore, including The Cher Show’s Stephanie J. Block singing with husband Sebastian Arcelus, as well as Tootsie’s Santino Fontana. This month’s trio of performances is completed by Christy Altomare, who wowed Broadway audiences in Anastasia. Or, catch up with husband and wife duo Jeremy Jordan and Ashley Spencer who sung together on January 31. 

Online, from February 7.

While I Yet Live

The original cast of Billy Porter’s While I Yet Live will reunite for a virtual reading. The world premiere took place at Primary Stages in 2014, dramatizing a young man influenced by the confident, self-assured women surrounding him. In a review for New York Theatre Guide, Tulis McCall said: "Billy Porter’s tale stands up on its legs and shines a light directly into your own person" so you won't want to miss the resurrection of this exciting play.

Online, from February 7. 

2121 A Love Odyssey

We know of last century's “Roaring Twenties” and we know that 2020 wasn’t the best year. But, have you thought about what life in 2121 would look like? Each audience member will receive personalized poems summating their love lives that will leave you lusting for spoken word. Cozy up with this immersive, intimate and get ready for a journey into a poetic future this Valentine's Day.

Online, from February 14. 

Lucy Darling

If we were stage magicians, we would pull enough Coronavirus vaccines out of a top hat to inoculate all individuals worldwide. Sadly, that's nothing more than a pipe dream. But this Valentine’s Day, join Lucy Darling for her signature showcase. Using cocktails for tools, the Guinness World Record holder is one of the most popular female magicians worldwide, and you can intoxicate yourslf with both theatre and magic this month.

Online, from February 14.

Plymouth Point

After a premiere in England, the residents of Plymouth Point are going international. As the immersive production starts, you’ll be called upon to look for Ivy — a little girl who has gone missing from her tightknit community. But, as the rescue mission unfolds, a web of cults and conspiracies unravel; can you discover where she is? Choose your assistants wisely when you’re on Plymouth Point.

Online, from February 17.

Photo credit: Elain Graham, Larry Powell and Lillias White in While I Yet Live (Photo by James Leynse)