David Walters

David Walters

Beginning at about eight years old, I have been involved in every aspect of theatre at different times of my life (I've just crested 60). Though I've tried to escape it, that irresistible siren song keeps calling me back over and over and over again. The key theme through everything though has been story. What is the story being told and how compelling is the telling? There is so much that is competing for our time these days, and as I believe our audience are theatre lovers like I, I want you to be informed.

You're going to pay good money (sometimes a lot) and give up a piece of your life that you're never going to be able to get back to sit in a seat and hear a tale. I aim to let you know what you're getting into and, from my perspective, if it's worth your time and attention. Some will be a resounding yes. Some will be a food for thought experience. And some will be stay home.

I love the theatre, so I look at all of the many aspects of what it takes to bring it to the stage, craft, talent, and often the life-blood of the artist. I am generous knowing what is involved, how difficult an art form theatre is, but it all comes back to story. It must be a good story told in a compelling way. After all, it's your butt in the seat I'm trying to save.

- David Walters


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