New York jukebox musicals

Musicals in New York breathe life into the city, and now you can hear pop music on Broadway thanks to the many jukebox musicals that light up the stage.
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Pop music on Broadway? That's right: jukebox musicals in New York are a Tony Award-winning phenomenon! Jukebox musicals feature existing pop hits either set to the life stories of the people who sang them, or else reimagined to fit an original story. Get ready to sway to the beats of your favorite tunes with New York Theatre Guide's incredible array of New York's jukebox musicals.

New York Theatre Guide is your ultimate destination for a night of unforgettable music and entertainment. Get tickets jukebox musicals on and Off-Broadway, including & Juliet and Moulin Rouge! The Musical, that will have you tapping your toes and singing along to classic hits. Whether you're a dedicated music enthusiast or just seeking an unforgettable night out, musicals in New York have something for everyone.

Our user-friendly ticketing platform simplifies the process of securing your spot at these melodic performances. Peruse our carefully curated selection of jukebox musicals, pick the date and time that suits your schedule, and effortlessly secure your e-tickets. No more waiting in endless lines or missing out on the hottest shows in town!

New York City's dynamic theatre scene creates the perfect backdrop for these musical journeys through time. From iconic rock 'n' roll classics to chart-topping pop hits, we've got it all covered. Let the melodies, stories, and outstanding performances transport you to another era. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this musical extravaganza – secure your tickets today and prepare to dance the night away!

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