Your guide to mezzanine seats in Broadway theatres

Learn more about where mezzanine seats are located, what to expect when you see a Broadway show from these seats, and how to find the best seats for you.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

There's no bad seat on Broadway — whether you're in the first row or the last, you're experiencing a live event that only you and your fellow audience members ever will. Of course, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows run night after night, but each performance is unique — as is every audience member's experience of it. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to sit right up front to feel the magic.

Mezzanine seats, located higher up in the theatre, sometimes get a bad rap as "the cheap seats" — but don't count them out. The mezzanine is actually a fantastic place to get a bird's eye, big-picture view of the show you're seeing (a particular advantage for large-scale spectaculars). And yes, depending on where in the mezzanine you sit, you might save some money, which is a perk in its own right.

Learn more about mezzanine seats at New York's theatres and what to expect if you purchase them. Whatever your seating preference is, New York Theatre Guide has ticket options for you.

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Where are mezzanine seats located in the theatre?

Mezzanine seats are elevated above the stage. They are one level up from the orchestra section, which contains the ground-level seats (on the same level as the stage).

Not every theatre has a mezzanine. Intimate Broadway venues like the Circle in the Square, as well as many Off-Broadway venues with only a couple hundred or even a couple dozen seats, only have one level of seating.

What is the difference between mezzanine and balcony seats?

In Broadway theatres that contain both, the mezzanine is the second level of seating, while the balcony is the third, one level higher than the mezzanine. In venues with more than three levels of seating, like the Metropolitan Opera House, multiple seating tiers may be classified as balconies.

Both offer a similarly bird's-eye, panoramic view of the stage and the venue. Because the mezzanine is lower than the balcony, mezzanine seats are closer to the stage and may have a more head-on view, depending on where you sit.

How much are mezzanine seats?

Ticket prices for mezzanine seats vary. Seats in the first few rows of the center mezzanine are often considered premium seats, as they offer a similarly prime view as many seats in the orchestra. Those tend to be priced higher, more similarly to orchestra seats.

Tickets in the side mezzanine (slightly to the right or left of the theatre) or closer to the back rows tend to be cheaper since they are further from the stage. Seats to the far right or left and toward the back are usually priced the lowest, but they may be partial view, meaning that a portion of one side of the stage won't be visible. Depending on the show, this might not matter if all the action is happening center stage anyway!

Are mezzanine seats better than other theatre seats?

No theatre seat is objectively "better" — the best seat for any given theatregoer varies. Some people prefer to sit in the orchestra and see the actors up close, while some prefer to get a wider view from the mezzanine.

Some audiences may also prefer mezzanine seats if they're trying to save money, or they previously saw the show in a different section and want to experience it from a different angle. On the flip side, someone might splurge on the orchestra if it's a special occasion or they're a major fan of the show. It all depends on personal preference!

Why should I sit in the mezzanine?

Though mezzanine seats are higher up and further back, they allow audiences to get a better big-picture view of the whole production, including elements like the set and choreography. Many mezzanine and balcony tickets tend to be cheaper than orchestra tickets, making them perfect for the frugal theatregoer — both in advance and day-of-show.

Additionally, at some theatres, the mezzanine hangs over the back of orchestra, partially obstructing one's view of the space above the stage from rear orchestra seats. If the set has multiple levels, scaffolding, or balconies, you might miss the actors performing on them. A mezzanine seat offers a better view of action high and low — and often for a similar price to a rear or side orchestra seat.

How do I get mezzanine tickets to Broadway shows?

You're already in the right place to get mezzanine tickets! When you're getting theatre tickets on New York Theatre Guide, click on your desired performance date, and you'll get to pick your seats at most venues. In venues with a mezzanine and/or balcony, you can sit in the center, side, or rear seating areas.

The best seat for you may change depending on the show or the circumstances of your theatre trip. If the mezzanine is the right fit, get your tickets there — or for any theatre seat — on New York Theatre Guide.

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