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See these Broadway shows this winter

Save on Broadway tickets during New York Theatre Guide's January theatre sale.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

The weather outside is cold, but Broadway theatres are warm and lively. Now that the holiday season is also through, the rush of tourists into the Theatre District has subsided. That makes winter, including the months of January and February, one of the best times of the year to see a Broadway show, and Broadway theatres are just waiting to welcome audiences in. Winter performances on Broadway still have plenty of great seats available.

Plus, for a limited time, tickets to lots of new and popular Broadway shows are up to 50% off during our January theatre sale. So bundle up and take a trip to the theatre! All these Broadway shows have plenty of tickets available for fantastic prices this month. If you've been meaning to see a show to kick off the New Year, or are dying to get into that buzzy musical you've heard so much about, now's the perfect chance.

Discover the Broadway and Off-Broadway shows on sale this winter, and get tickets now.

Winter Broadway shows

Save on tickets to lots of Broadway musicals and plays this winter. Check a long-running hit off your bucket list, or be among the first to see one of the spring season's buzziest new shows.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Is there a spell to make the winter chill go away? If not, you can at least trade it for a few hours in the Wizarding World at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Follow a new generation of wizards alongside the beloved Golden Trio as they go on a time-traveling adventure to change Wizarding history — and maybe try to fix it.

Get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets now.

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The Book of Mormon

Go two by two to The Book of Mormon after getting great ticket prices. For the last 10-plus years, this heavenly comedy from the creators of South Park has made audiences laugh like hell with decidedly non-church-approved humor. Two Mormon missionaries have to get creative when they're sent to convert a Ugandan village, whose residents aren't so receptive to the good word.

Get The Book of Mormon tickets now.

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& Juliet

Live your teenage dreams at & Juliet, the hit new pop musical in which Shakespeare's Juliet travels abroad and finds herself instead of dying young. Her journey is set to 30 chart-topping hits from Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Bon Jovi, and more that'll have you grooving along.

Get & Juliet tickets now.

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How wonderful does an escape to Oz sound? Spend one short day there at Wicked, the most swankified musical on Broadway. You may know the story of The Wizard of Oz, but before the events of that book happened, the Wicked Witch was just a misunderstood girl named Elphaba, who was best friends with the Good Witch, Glinda. You'll be changed for good after seeing the fan-favorite Wicked.

Get Wicked tickets now.

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Between Riverside and Crazy

Eight years after its Off-Broadway debut, Stephen Adly Guirgis's Pulitzer Prize-winning play is on Broadway with its acclaimed original cast, plus multi-award-winning musician Common. In a rent-controlled apartment on the Upper West Side, a group of down-and-outs are fighting against eviction and for redemption.

Get Between Riverside and Crazy tickets now.

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Kimberly Akimbo

Tony Award winner Victoria Clark utterly transforms in this hit new musical about a teenage girl with an aging disease that makes her look elderly. With time against her, she vows to make the most of every moment and spend it with friends who, like her, see the world a little differently. In a five-star review, New York Theatre Guide called Kimberly Akimbo "endearing" and "letter-perfect."

Get Kimberly Akimbo tickets now.

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MJ The Musical

Now's the time to experience this thriller of a show. Winner of four Tony Awards including Best Choreography and Best Lead Actor, MJ The Musical takes an exclusive look into the mind of the King of Pop. As he rehearses all his hits for his 1992 Dangerous World Tour, he and audiences are taken back to key moments in his career, brought to creative and electrifying life on stage.

Get MJ The Musical tickets now.

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The room where it happens is always warm, as Hamilton is one of Broadway's hottest tickets. Experience Lin-Manuel Miranda's multi-award-winning phenomenon, which sets the story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton's rise to prominence to rap and hip-hop music.

Get Hamilton tickets now.

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What'cha gonna do when the temps are down? Warm up with the gods at Hadestown. The musical, which won eight Tony Awards including Best Musical, is a modern retelling of Greek mythology, an epic love story at the center. The enchanting musician Orpheus takes a perilous journey to Hadestown to rescue his love, Eurydice. One journey that's easy, though, is the trip to the Walter Kerr Theatre, where you can see this otherworldly show.

Get Hadestown tickets now.

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Bad Cinderella

Escape the winter for a kingdom where everything is beautiful. In Andrew Lloyd Webber and Emerald Fennell's makeover of the classic fairytale, Cinderella is the town oddball by choice, and when she decides to change her looks to win over her prince, she learns outer beauty isn't everything.

Get Bad Cinderella tickets now.

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Chicago is a Broadway staple that's always there to welcome you in for a lively, glitzy, criminally fun evening of theatre. With catchy jazz music and sleek choreography that's now synonymous with Bob Fosse, this musical has been killing it on Broadway for more than 25 years and has featured dozens of celebrities in its lead roles. The housewife/wannabe vaudeville singer Roxie Hart gets an unexpected big break when she murders her lover and Billy Flynn, a suave lawyer with a spotless record, gets her name on the front page of every newspaper in the city.

Get Chicago tickets now.

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See this one-of-a-kind, no category musical this winter. The wives of Henry VIII are the title six in Six, and they're competing over who had it worst to decide who will lead their girl group. Get ready for fun, Tony Award-winning pop songs and a whole new perspective on history.

Get Six tickets now.

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World-renowned playwright Tom Stoppard brings his most personal work yet to Broadway. Named after the Jewish quarter of Vienna, Leopoldstadt follows multiple generations of an Austrian Jewish family and how their bonds are upended by the Holocaust and its aftermath. This family drama is deeply moving and personal, as it's loosely based on Stoppard's family history.

Get Leopoldstadt tickets now.

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Pictures From Home

Nathan Lane, Danny Burstein, and Zoë Wanamaker bring family photos to life in the new play Pictures From Home. Based on a same-named photo memoir by Larry Sultan (Burstein), the play traces the family secrets the photographer uncovered as he spent 10 years documenting his parents' lives.

Get Pictures From Home tickets now.

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love. And a giant red windmill. That's what you'll find inside the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, which has been transformed into the titular Parisian nightclub for the Tony-winning Moulin Rouge! The Musical. The lively, lavish musical adaptation of Baz Luhrmann's hit film retains all the music and sparkle you'd expect from the "spectacular spectacular" on stage, including dozens of chart-topping pop songs. Groove along with the bohemian writer Christian, who falls into a fated romance with Satine, the leading showgirl at the Moulin Rouge nightclub.

Get Moulin Rouge! The Musical tickets now.

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Arabia's a lot warmer than New York in winter! So if you can't actually travel there (by magic carpet or otherwise) to escape the cold, spend a few hours at Aladdin instead. The musical adaptation of the Disney classic has been bringing audiences from around the globe to a whole new world since 2014. The titular character is a poor street urchin who falls in love with Princess Jasmine. Aladdin gets his chance to win her over when he finds a wish-granting Genie in a magic lamp, but will all his wishes come true?

Get Aladdin tickets now.

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A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical

Grab some red, red wine and settle in to hear all of Neil Diamond's hits at A Beautiful Noise. Two actors play the beloved musician: one as a young man at the height of his fame, and one as a now-older Diamond reminiscing on his career. Good times never seemed so good.

Get A Beautiful Noise tickets now.

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The Lion King

Beat the winter cold by spending a few hours in sunny Africa at The Lion King, the roaring musical based on the beloved Disney movie. The lion cub Simba must grow up to fight his Uncle Scar and take back the kingdom that's rightfully his, in his late father's honor. For its intricate and innovative life-size puppetry that brings the animal kingdom to life, The Lion King was an instant Broadway sensation when the show opened in 1997. Audiences continue to feel the love at the musical nearly 25 years later.

Get The Lion King tickets now.

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A Doll's House

Oscar winner Jessica Chastain makes her long-awaited return to Broadway in an iconic role. She leads the latest revival of A Doll's House as Nora Helmer, a housewife looking to escape her "perfect" marriage. Pulitzer Prize finalist Amy Herzog newly adapts Henrink Ibsen's play under the daring, inventive direction of Jamie Lloyd. This is A Doll's House for a new generation.

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Winter Off-Broadway shows

Lots of Off-Broadway shows are on sale this winter, too. Discover new and long-running Off-Broadway shows to check out this winter, with great prices on tickets now.

Colin Quinn: Small Talk

Political comedian Colin Quinn is switching topics for his latest live comedy special. This time, he's drawing on his experience chatting with friends, relatives, and strangers to teach audiences how to be more charismatic.

Get Colin Quinn: Small Talk tickets now.

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Cocktail Magique

Company XIV's latest burlesque show blends magic, mixology, and more. Cocktails are incorporated into a variety of performances, from dance to circus to illusions, and audiences are invited to follow along by indulging in drinks and treats themed to the show.

Get Cocktail Magique tickets now.

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The Ship of Dreams's voyage is still going strong off Broadway, now through May 14. Titanique is a campy spoof on James Cameron's Titanic film, set to all the hit songs of Celine Dion. Dion is even a character in this musical, who narrates her own recollection of what really happened during Jack and Rose's fated romance.

Get Titanique tickets now.

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Friends! The Musical Parody

It's the one where they're off Broadway. Friends! The Musical Parody is still going strong at the Theater Center, telling a new story of a runaway bride who comes into Central Perk and shakes up the friends' day. All the fan-favorite lines and references from the TV show are incorporated into the storyline and into hilarious parody songs.

Get Friends! The Musical Parody tickets now.

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The Play That Goes Wrong

For a show that goes wrong, it must be doing something right, as this comedy has been running in New York — first on Broadway and now off Broadway — since 2017. When an amateur theatre troupe tries to put on a murder mystery play, the biggest mystery is how they'll make it through the performance when actors go missing, lines go forgotten, and set pieces come crashing down mid-show.

Get The Play That Goes Wrong tickets now.

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Little Shop of Horrors

This acclaimed revival is still blossoming off Broadway. Go somewhere that's green and see Little Shop of Horrors, the horror comedy about a geeky flower shop worker and a flesh-eating plant, who promises Seymour love and fame in exchange for blood. You don't have to make such a deal for Little Shop of Horrors tickets — get them here.

Get Little Shop of Horrors tickets now.

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Drunk Shakespeare

Drunk Shakespeare is where the Bard meets the booze. Even Shakespeare's saddest tragedies become comedies when five actors, one of whom is drunk, perform them and must try to stay on track. The audience can even join in the fun by purchasing drinks of their own during the show.

Get Drunk Shakespeare tickets now.

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Stranger Sings! The Musical Parody

This musical is turning the hit TV show upside down, and it just got extended to March due to popular demand. Go along with all the fan-favorite characters from Netflix's Stranger Things on their interdimensional adventures, this time with much more '80s camp and dancing demogorgons.

Get Stranger Sings! The Musical Parody tickets now.

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Alexander Zeldin's poignant play is making its North American debut at Park Avenue Armory. Experience the daily lives of the people living in a communal shelter and the love that gets them through. The play is based on Zeldin's firsthand accounts from visiting such shelters and investigates the flaws in the welfare system.

Get Love tickets now.

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Blue Man Group

The Blue Men are still delighting audiences with theatre and science off Broadway. Three men, new to Earth from outer space, find inventive uses for everyday objects as they create colorful music, art, and simple experiments with them. This family-friendly show promises a fun, silly experience for all.

Get Blue Man Group tickets now.

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black odyssey

This adaptation of Homer's epic Odyssey poem sets the story in modern-day Harlem. Like Odysseus, who takes a dangerous trip home from the Trojan War, the soldier Ulysses Lincoln goes on his own journey to reunite with his family, guided by gods and ancestors as the human and the divine blend together.

Get black odyssey tickets now.

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Gazillion Bubble Show

See this family-friendly bubblicious spectacular that's been running since 2007. This hourlong show features lots of bubble artistry and colorful lighting effects to dazzle all ages.

Get Gazillion Bubble Show tickets now.

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The first Off-Broadway production of Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which went up in 2022, is back for an encore run. Secrets explode among the members of a dysfunctional Southern family in this Pulitzer-winning play about greed, desire, deceit, and death.

Get Cat on a Hot Tin Roof tickets now.

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