Ratatouille the Musical reviews

What did the critics think of ‘Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical’?

Was Remy the rat of all our dreams?

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Broadway theatre in 2021 got off to a flying start, thanks to the premiere of Ratatouille the Musical on New Year's Day. Inspired by the 2007 Disney movie and recent TikToks which imagined the film as a musical, TikTokkers and Broadway stars including Andre de Shields and Andrew Barth Feldman came together for what's already going to be one of the shows of the year.

Ratatouille the Musical has raised over $1 million dollars for The Actors Fund, but could Ratatouille ever find its feet on Broadway? Here's what critics had to say about Ratatouille the Musical.

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"What started as a TikTok meme and became a crowdsourced musical could have online lessons to offer for Broadway... so maybe the hive mind is on to something. Certainly it would be healthier for the theater if Broadway musicals could be built, like "Ratatouille," in just a few months, by individuals, not conglomerates. In "Ratatouille," those sources are live and potent: There may be too many chefs, but they offer, as one character puts it, "just the right amount of cheese."

Jesse Green
The New York Times 

At a running time of 51 minutes, and with perhaps only half the numbers required for a full adaptation... this "Ratatouille" is a mere appetizer. But with a winning Tituss Burgess as the human embodiment of Remy, the Parisian rodent who can stir up a mean beef bourguignon, it is a promising first course."

Peter Marks
The Washington Post

"While there are some big names and recognizable faces attached to a few roles, the show is truly stolen by two Broadway actors. Andrew Barth Feldman is better than any vision you have in your head of a real life Linguini who sings... Ashley Park of Mean Girls fame throws all of herself into the part and holds her own against Feldman while not even being in the same room. If there's an internet equivalent of the Tony Award, give it to both of them!"

Alex Reif
The Laughing Place

"The quality of a dish like this is only as good as its ingredients — in this case, the songs, which genuinely celebrate the compositional conventions of musical theater and animated Disney movies, and which feel as though they're written by those who truly love them... This ragtag aesthetic may not be for everyone — why do only some actors playing rat characters wear ears? — but its free and easy spirit ultimately worked for me."

Ashley Lee
The Los Angeles Times

"A "grand projet" by Pixar/Disney? Mais non; it was crowd-sourced - the product of a riot of collective endeavour arising from a humble TikTok video. Somehow, the usual arduous process of individually centred labour - entailing workshops, rewrites and angst galore - appears to have been spontaneously bypassed, perhaps pointing the way for a new era of collaborative musical-making.

Dom Cavendish
The Telegraph

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