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Intervention - A Teen Musical Comedy at the Acorn Theatre

Center Stage Theatre Company presents Intervention - A Teen Musical Comedy, book and lyrics by Jill Jaysen, music and lyrics by Matt Corriel, at Theatre Row's Acorn Theatre on 23 Sep 2007, Part of the New York Musical Theater Festival.

A babysitting stint sparks disinformation when an eight year old boy misinterprets his babysitter's cell phone conversation. Assuming the worst he calls her friends for help, uniting the jocks, thespians, and academics to stage a needless Intervention. Rumors inflate and accusations fly as these disparate personalities ultimately learn how to put their differences aside and work together.

Directed by David Leidholdt, Intervention - A Teen Musical Comedy features Annabelle Fox, Campbell Gallagher, Matt Gurren, Lindsey Hanelt, Max Jenkins, Kelsey Johnston, Nora Kennedy, Zoe Lowenbein, Dina Montefuscoli, Sarah Morris, Sarah Morris, Cory Paglinco, Adam Riegler, Isabel Santiago, Scott Shaefitz, Scott Smoler and Michael Walker.

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