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Illumination Rounds at the Interart Annex

Interart Development Series and Zena Group Theater. presents Illumination Rounds, by Josh Liveright, at Interart Annex from 4 - 15 Oct 2007.

Illumination Rounds: In the ruins of a totalitarian state, during the final days of a civil war, two very different people are caught up in situations beyond their control. Seeking his latest story, Dante, a cynical and opportunistic journalist, finds himself confronted by Virginia, a 17-year-old sniper on a fatal mission. Soon, the two find they have more common than they ever thought possible, as they begin to open up and reveal the circumstances that brought them to this point. As the bombs and gunfire continue outside their abandoned apartment building, these two people attempt to move beyond their prejudices and fear.

Directed by Paul Smithyman, Illumination Rounds features Mark Schulte and Freya Fox.

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