Ice Factory 06

The 13th annual Ice Factory Summer Festival of new work, Ice Factory �06, will present six New York premieres at the Ohio Theater from the 5 Jul - 12 Aug 2006.

Ice Factory is Soho Think Tank�s (STT) annual summer festival of new work. STT presents work by emerging and established downtown companies, as well as national and international groups. The Festival offers companies a prime forum in which to develop new work for possible future productions.

The six plays presented at Ice Factory are:

  • Achtung Grimm!
    playwright: a collaboration by The WanderLUSTers
    Synopsis: A gothic and operatic retelling of two Brothers Grimm tales by an out-of-work traveling, carnival troupe. From Snow White�s Mirror Mirror singing how he determines 'Who is the fairest of them all,' to The Juniper Tree�s Stepmother singing 'What�s in it for me?' before decapitating her Stepson, the show give the Grimm tales a comic yet menacing twist. Incorporates drama, dance, puppetry, and the visual arts.
    Dates: 5 - 8 Jul 2006

  • Aruba
    playwright: Rob Evans
    Synopsis: A travel agent going nowhere, an under performing personal trainer, and an ad-man who believes the hype. A darkly comic tour through the lives of three desperate young urbanites as their carefully constructed worlds begin to unravel.
    Dates: 12 - 15 Jul 2006

  • Particular in the Heartland
    playwright: Rachel Chavkin
    Synopsis: Six highly specific, flawed, hysterical and divine humans in a basement pageant of insomnia, cooking lessons and birthday parties. Perceptions shaped by geography and geometry, travel and maps, soil and rock. Drawn from Mid-west mythologies ranging from The Wizard of Oz to intelligent design to the liberal obsession with Bobby Kennedy�s assassination. Gently absurdist kitchen sink realism with dreamy magical sequences!
    Dates: 19 - 22 Jul 2006

  • The Flight of Icarius
    playwright: Aaron Mack Schloff, adapted from the novel by Raymond Queneau
    Synopsis: Icarus flees from the novel of his author Hubert, who hires a detective to find him. But Icarus has already met LN, a prostitute who herself escaped from a crossword puzzle. Together, they are building a life in a 1890�s Paris, full of New Things: the automobile, sado-masochism, aviation, the color mauve... all great temptations for one who wants to be Modern.
    Dates: 26 - 29 Jul 2006

  • Betrothed
    playwright: Rachel Dickstein
    Synopsis: A dance-infused, visually rich adaptation of three stories exploring the dreams, expectations and losses surrounding women's relationship to marriage and independence. Crossing time and cultures, to investigate Eastern and Western rituals that infuse individual identity with meaning and power.
    Dates: 2 - 5 Aug 2006

  • Jaded Assassin
    playwright: Michael Voyer
    Synopsis: In a mythical world, in brutal times, a curse has plagued the land ever since the chosen ones ired the gods. It is up to one non-pureblood to end the curse and end the misery that has wrought her land. Even if that means killing everyone in her path to do it.
    Dates: 9 - 12 Aug 2006

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