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'Hughie' & 'Krapp�s Last Tape': Chicago's Goodman Theater's double bill to arrive on Broadway in Apr 2010

The New York Times reports that the Goodman Theatre in Chicago will bring their double-bill production of Eugene O'Neill's Hughie, & Samuel Beckett's Krapp�s Last Tape to transfer to Broadway in Apr 2010 at a theater to be announced

The Double-Bill Hughie & Krapp�s Last Tape is to play at Chicago's Goodman Theatre in January 2010 and both plays will star Brian Dennehy.

Hughie will be directed by Goodman's artistic director, Robert Falls, and Krapp�s Last Tape will be directed by Jennifer Tarver. Tarver directed Brian Dennehy when the production played at Stratford, Ontario in 2008.

Brian Dennehy recently starred on Broadway in the Goodman's production of 'Desire Under the Elms.'

The Goodman Theatre says of Eugene O'Neill's play Hughie: High-rolling gambler Erie (Brian Dennehy) and Hughie, the credulous night clerk at his apartment building, were confidents. Hughie admired Erie for his bold lifestyle and Erie considered Hughie his good luck charm. When Hughie dies unexpectedly, Erie's luch changes for the worse and he finds himself in dire straights. Then Erie meets the new night clerk, who reminds him enough of Hughie that he takes the gamble his luck is about to change.

The description for Samuel Becket's Krapp's Last Tape reads "Every year on his birthday, self-absorbed Krapp records the important - and the banal - moments of the last year. As he prepares to record a new tape on his 69th birthday, he begins to listen to his archieves. This immersion in his ow history leads Krapp to question with growing regret whether his present lives up to his past."

There has been no official announcement and it is not known who will star in the Broadway engagement but it is belived that Dennehy will transfer with the production when it does comes to Broadway.

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