'Home For Lost Boys' at John Houseman's Studio Theater

The World Premiere of The Home For Lost Boys - a domestic play with global ramifications - written by Craig J. Weiner and directed by Renee Blinkwolt, plays at the John Houseman Studio Theater from the 4 - 20 Mar 2005

The Home For Lost Boys appears on the surface to be a tense drama about orphan boys fighting over who has proper ownership of the house they think is theirs. Three boys, under the guidance of their caretaker, are preparing to assume ownership of the house they grew up in when the eldest becomes a legal adult. However, a mysterious boy shows up just days before that happens and claims that the house belonged to his family from year�s past and has come to reclaim it.

As the action unfolds, and evidence of their families� histories is presented, we soon realize that this clever theatre piece is actually an allegory for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To further the metaphor, the adults are played by teenagers and vice versa.

�We don�t want this to be a heavy handed polemic about a subject people are very polarized about already,� says director Renee Blinkwolt. �The drama about these boys� struggles is compelling theatre enough. When the audience realizes what the play is talking about, it becomes a fable. Hopefully as a parable we can illuminate the passion and humanity behind the conflict and why it has been so difficult to resolve.�

Director Renee Blinkwolt is a director/producer/manager from California and is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University�s directing program. The rest of the artistic team includes Costume Design by Carla Bellisio, Sound Design by Elizabeth S. Coleman, Lighting Design by Evan O�Brient and Scenic Design by Marie Lynn Wagner.

The cast includes Cameron Cash, Lexy Fridell, Gary Littman, John Michalski and Jonathan Monk.

The Home For Lost Boys is being produced by The Ostara Group and Carpe Momentum Productions

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