'Hamlet' at the Manhattan Theatre Source

Dreamscape Theatre presents Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, in an adaptation by Ross Williams, at the Manhattan Theatre Source from the 27 May - 15 Jun 2005.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, already an uneasy sort, is further unnerved by a ghostly visit from his recently deceased father - who reveals that he was murdered by the man who married his wife (Hamlet's mother), and who now sits upon the throne. These revelations cause the now-angry Prince to embark on a meticulous plan of revenge, but in the process, he finds himself going perhaps too far in the name of justice - at the cost of his very soul.

The motives of Shakespeare's Melancholy Dane are examined from a fresh angle in this new environmental production of Hamlet, presented as a dramatic stage experience, one set in the world of the theatre. Based on work of Jerzy Grotowski and some of the concepts of Anne Bogart.

Adapted and directed by Ross Williams, this production of Hamlet emphasizes the motives behind the title character, as well as atmosphere of politics that permeates the story. As Williams notes: "we each have a personal responsibility to stand up and fight for what we believe in, whether or not we have an obligation to do so. However, the question then becomes 'how do we find a happy medium to change things for the better without adding to the problem'"?

Performed in the round with a cast of nine, most of who play multiple roles, portions of the play will take place in and around the audience. All of the sound effects in the play will be created by show's ensemble, functioning as a kind of human orchestra.

The cast of Hamlet features Zack Calhoon, Carmelle Arad, Kevin Brewer, Bridget Crawford, Simon Kendall, Michael Lopez, Rodney Lizcano, Todd Faulkner and Jane Titus.

Hamlet will be performed in repertory with Tiny Dynamite and Machinal as part of Dreamscape Theatre's Season on the Edge.

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