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Ghost on Fire at the Lion Theatre

Oberon Theatre Ensemble presents Ghost on Fire, by Michael Weller, at Theatre Row's Lion Theatre from 21 Feb - 9 Mar 2008. The production plays in repertoire with Michael Weller's Macbeth

Ghost on Fire: Tells the story of a trio of friends who worked together in their student days making films they hoped would change the world; now, fifteen years later, they are nostalgic for their lost idealism and unhappy with the choices they have made in the 'real world.' As the events of the play unfold, they are each, in their different ways, forced to confront their compromise, their failed aspirations, and their mortality, and challenged to reclaim what is best in themselves.

Directed by Eric Parness, Ghost on Fire features Brianne Berkson, Brian D. Coats, Jane Courtney, Jarel Davidow, Craig Fitzpatrick, Brad Fryman, Don Harvey, Angus Hepburn and Linda Larkin.

The creative team comprises Sarah B Brown (sets) and Sharon Huizinga (lighting).

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