'Gay Slave Handbook' at the Producers Club

Gay Slave Handbook, a comedy written, directed and produced by Blake Bradford, at the Producers Club from the 21 - 24 Sep 2005

Gay Slave Handbook follows a group of former high school friends over the course of one night as they try to cope without the great love they used to share for one another. Sebastian (Vincent Giardina) is completing a video assignment for a film class that takes on the form of a confessional/interrogation with his childhood best friend Giulia (Melissa Macleod Herion). They speak openly of their past loves, the roots of their sexuality, and dealing with growing up apart from one another. Both have left their hearts behind them in the past, but what Sebastian does not know is that Giulia has invited Sebastian's first love, Jimmy (Nate Steinwachs), to join in the interrogation.

Set in New York City during a region-wide blackout, Gay Slave Handbook is a dark comedy that explores the bounds of true human connection. Can love transcend religion, disease and transgressions of the past? Can the love another person has for you determine who you really are?

Gay Slave Handbook's cast features Vincent Giardina (Sebastian), Melissa Macleod Herion (Giulia) and Nate Steinwachs (Jimmy).

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