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Food For Fish at the Kraine Theater

Sanctuary: Playwrights presents Food for Fish, by Adam Szymkowicz, opening at the Kraine Theater on the 8 Jul 2006, following previews from the 6 Jul and running through to the 29 Jul 2006.

Food for Fish: Young Bobbie drops pages from his novel into the Hudson River. The pages tell a story of three sisters: a stalker, an agoraphobe and a scientist with a secret plan to isolate and eliminate the gene for love. It is set in a world where men became women and women became men. But how far do you have to bend a gender before it breaks?

Directed by Alexis Poledouris, Food for Fish features Katie Honaker, Anna Hopkins, Luis Moreno, Ana Luis Perera, Caroline Tamas and Orion Taraban.

Set design is by Zane Pihlstrom, with lighting by Gina Scherr and sound by Robert Quillen Camp.

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