Fire Island at the 3LD Art & Technology Center

3-Legged Dog presents Fire Island, by Charles Mee, at the 3LD Art & Technology Center from 10 Apr - 3 May 2008.

Fire Island explores the many ways which people experience the birth and dissolution of relationships amidst the diverse and fragile ecosystems of this barrier island. Characters include drag queens, 6-foot tall little girls, freak clowns, Japanese bondage junkies, old folks and 50 other island inhabitants, all dealing with various stages of their relationships.

Fire Island takes on several forms: an extremely wide format HD video work, a large scale panoramic multimedia installation/performance with 3-dimensional video and spatial sound as well as an ongoing interactive web component. A giant rear projection screen will show multiple perspectives, collaged into one giant array of imagery. All at once, the viewer will experience a couple falling in love from their perspective, close up, from a distance, as a voyeur peeping through the window, as well as the details of the environment around them (the weathered, salted boardwalk or the decaying pine needles). Using invisible Eyeliner screens multiple layers of video will also pop up in thin air, surrounding and sometimes hiding the performers.

3-Legged Dog was approached by playwright Charles Mee, the featured playwright of the Signature Theater's 2007/08 season, to premiere his play Fire Island, which Mee created specifically with 3-Legged Dog in mind. This massive endeavor will transform the entire performance space into an indoor version of Fire Island, complete with beach chairs, pine trees, and blended drinks. This multidimensional beach party also incorporates the 3-D Eyeliner technology that 3LD premiered last season in 'Losing Something.'

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