'Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy' announce full cast and new opening date

Gorilla Productions have announced the full cast for their production of Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy, by Alana McNair and Kate Wilkinson.

The show which was to open on the 7 Jul, following previews from the 30 Jun, will now open at East 13th Street Theatre on the 10 Jul, following previews from the 1 Jul. The show is still scheduled to close on the 27 Aug 2005

Corey Feldman

The cast includes: Kellie Arens, Nick Arens, Ebony Cross, Aaron Haskell and Sergio Lobito, who appear alongside the previously announced Corey Feldman.

Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy is a new comedy that lovingly, liberally and loosely satirizes the well-known thriller film 'Fatal Attraction' from 1987.

A big-time corporate lawyer has a one-night stand with a no-nonsense business woman while his wife is away. When the corporate hag forgets her place, all heck breaks loose! The park, the opera, the bunny, and the tub ensue.

Skewering the film�s blatant fear of the successful business woman, and celebration of traditional family values, this Greek Tragedy adopts a chorus that comments on the action by using texts from the Greek tragedy oeuvre, as well as from turn of the century home etiquette propaganda.

Running at a breakneck pace of 70 minutes, this stage to screen adaptation, directed by Timothy Haskell, is very much its own story, told with a kinetic beat, a boiled bunny dream/ dance sequence and lots of Kung-Pow action.

Corey Feldman, playing the part of �Michael Douglas� is an actor synonymous with the 80�s. He was the star of such films as 'Goonies', 'Lost Boys', 'Gremlins', 'Stand By Me', 'License to Drive', 'The burbs', 'Bordello of Blood', 'Friday 13th Part IV and V', the voice of Donatello in the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' movies, amongst others.

Director Timothy Haskell directed the still running I Love Paris about Paris Hilton at the Blue Heron Arts Center, that is at 7 months now the longest running show in the theatre�s history.

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