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Evensong at the TBG Arts Center

Broad Horizons Theatre Company presents Evensong, by Mary Gage, opens at the TBG Arts Center on the 11 Aug 2006, following a preview on the 10 Aug and running through to 27 Aug 2006.

Evensong: Weaves together the lives of six people who speak for a generation of Americans, some of whom were born here, others who arrived here with nothing. These men and women toiled, suffered and survived to help shape this country. They are our ancestors, and the play celebrates them for the lives they lived and the wisdom they pass along. Theirs is the story of America.

The cast for Evensong, directed by Lewis Magruder, features Mary Ellen Ashley, Arthur French, Donald Grody, Mikel Sarah Lambert, Pat Nesbit and Lucille Patton.

Lighting design is by Thom Weaver and costumes by Emily Pepper.

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