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'Einstein's Secret Letters' at the SoHo Rep

Third Avenue Productions & thedramaloft present Einstein's Secret Letters (A Love Story), by J.B. Edwards, playing at the SoHo Repertory Theatre from the 26 Sep - 2 Oct 2005.
(Update: Show now plays from the 23 Sep 2005)

Based upon the recent discovery at the Princeton University Library of love letters written by Albert Einstein to his close friend Johanna Fantova, this play delves into the intense feelings they shared for one another.

Einstein's Secret Letters explores the great man's dilemma of isolation and disappointment at the twilight of his life. The play also explores his humanitarian efforts and depicts his little known friendship with famed African American actor and social activist Paul Robeson. In this production, the startling portrayal of Einstein as a lover, pacifist, and critic of politics in Post War Israel and the United States are vividly brought to light.

In writing Einstein's Secret Letters , J.B. Edwards says he has sought to tear down the purely iconoclastic visage of Einstein, choosing to replace it with the portrait of an idealistic, sensitive and passionate man.

Einstein's Secret Letters' cast, directed by G. Beaudin, features Marvin Starkman, Memory Contento, Waltrudis Buck, and R. Edward Tyler II. and Jack Wadell.

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