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'Eigth Midtown International Theatre Festival'

With over 40 plays in four separate venues in a 21-day period, the Eigth Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF8) presents something for everybody's palate: from revivals to solo shows, to a look at the land of the undead, to a gay musical take on Oliver Twist. Other works include looks at immigration, security in America and the Columbine massacre.

Beginning on 16 Jul 2007 1and running through 5 Aug 2007, MITF8 will take place at the MainStage and Jewel Box spaces at the WorkShop Theater, the Where Eagles Dare Theatre and Stage Left Studio.

"It's always exciting when we prepare for the Festival," noted MITF executive producer John Chatterton. "We always have a wide-ranging and eclectic line-up to pick from. We naturally hope each of them will strike a chord with the audience, and each year more than a few do just that."

Inaugurated in 2000, the Midtown International Theatre Festival was created to offer an opportunity for productions and performances that might otherwise not be seen by as broad an audience as possible. Since its inception, the MITF has presented over 300 different works.

Following is a complete program schedule, arranged by theatre, of all productions performing in the Midtown International Theatre Festival

WorkShop Theater, MainStage Space
4th Floor
312 West 36th Street
(between 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10018

Bloody Lies (comedy/thriller):
Can Ciem find true love with a beautiful vampire? Can he stop the evil count? Will Barney ever say anything besides "Barney?" Find out in Bloody Lies. It's Dracula meets Monty Python.
Written by: Greg Machlin
Directed by: Samantha Shechtman
Presented by: Purple Pillow Thief Productions
Cast: Gabe Belyeu, Michael Buckley, Carrie Cimma, Thomas Lash, Brian Decaleue, Larry George, Kate Hamill and Marlene Morreis
Length: 1hr 25mins
Mon 16 Jul 8:30pm     Sat 21 Jul 4:45pm
Sun 22 Jul 7:30pm     Sun 29 Jul 11:30am
Sun 5 Aug:30pm    

Secrets Women Share (Drama):
A series of intimate & unexpected encounters, depicting six situations in which women confront each other & themselves & celebrate the innate bond they share; their strength & their unique ability to be intimate.
Written by: Meri Wallace
Directed by: Leah Bonvissuto
Presented by: Dancing on the Moon Productions
Cast: Anne Ackerman, Sabrina Bogen, Allison Colby, Maureen Griffin, Angus Hepburn, Annalisa Loeffler and Torey Marks & Erin Leigh
Length: 1hr 30mins
Mon 16 Jul 6:45pm     Sat 21 Jul 11am
Sun 29 Jul 7:45pm     Fri 3 Aug 8:15pm
Sat 4 Aug 1:30pm     Sun 5 Aug 5:30pm

Take Me America (musical):
About asylum in America. Follow nine refugees in their quest for asylum in the U.S. and the three INS agents who decide their fate. Do they stay or do they go?
Book and lyrics by: Bill Nabel
Music by: Bob Christianson
Directed by: Gregg Wiggans
Choreographed by: Denny Paschall
Produced by: Double Play Connections, LLC and Meredith Lucio
Cast: Ana Andricain, Eric Chan, Michelle Liu Coughlin, Jan Leslie Harding, Mike Mitchell, Jr., Ellen Mittenthal, Natasha Tabandera and Ernest Williams
Length: 1hr 30mins
Mon 16 Jul 10:30pm     Thu 19 Jul 10:45pm
Sun 22 Jul 9:30pm Thu 26 Jul 4:30pm
Mon 30 Jul 10:30pm     Fri 3 Aug 4:15pm

The Executioner (drama/comedy/gay):
Barbara Ann and Cort Quactermain, orphaned by the Texas justice system, aim to kill the man who stuck the lethal needle in their mother's arm. The local sheriff must choose: her love, Barbara Ann, or her duty to stop the crime.
Written by: Jon Kern
Directed by: Pedro Salazar
Cast: Kelly Eubanks, Melinda Helfrich, Walker Lewis, Tania Molina, Scott Sweatt, Isaac Hirotsu Woofter, Sebastian Cruz, Ed Perez and Sam Sadigurski
Length: 1hr 20mins
Tue 17 Jul 8:30pm     Fri 20 Jul 7:30pm
Sat 21 Jul 8:45pm     Tue 24 Jul 6:30pm
Sun 29 Jul 3:30pm     Sat 4 Aug 9:45pm

Sons of Molly Maguire (Drama):
In the coal mines of 1870s Pennsylvania, bosses discriminate against Irish immigrants. Jack Kilbride joins the Molly Maguires, a secret society that protests through terrorism. He finds, however, that the bosses own not only the mines but also the courts.
Written by: John Kearns
Directed by: Candace O'Neil Cihocki
Presented by: Boann Books and Media LLC
Cast: Michael Basile, J. Dolan Byrnes, Dani Cervone, Mary Egan, Dain Geist, Susan McBrien, Emily Moment, Julia Morrissey, Brendan Ryan and Gary Troy
Length: 1hr 30mins
Tue 17 Jul 6:30pm     Fri 20 Jul 5:30pm
Sat 21 Jul 12:45pm     Mon 23 Jul 6:30pm
Sat 28 Jul 3pm     Sat 4 Aug 3:15pm

To The Contrary (drama):
The story of Bernice "Bernie" Phillips, a savvy, successful New York City Photographer who, in a moment completely against character, falls in love with Michael, one of her most inexplicably attractive subjects. With him, and her best friend, the aging-and ageless-soap-opera star Lesslie at her side, Bernice explores the ins, outs, ups, and ultimate downs, of life, love, and sex.
Written by: Craig Jacobs
Directed by: James Valletti
Presented by: Jonathan Tessero
Cast: Laura Jordan, Jim Weitzer, Diane J. Findlay, Todd Detwiler and James Mills
Length: 1hr 30mins
Tue 17 Jul 10:30pm     Sun 22 Jul 5:30pm
tue 24 Jul 10:30pm     Sun 29 Jul 9:30pm
Tue 31 Jul 10:30pm     Thu 2 Aug 11pm

Stray Dog Hearts (black comedy/World Premiere):
Brianna's pregnant, Brodsky's nostalgic, and Lila's a firecracker who's always "in her cups". When the three of them are confronted with an interloping well-dressed dwarf on the day that they are handed over to their new parent company, the hostile takeover is the least hostile thing that happens that day.
Written by: Padraic O'Reilly
Directed by: Jennifer Gelfer
Produced by: Kimberly Bailey / Velocity Theatre Company
Cast: Marc Santa Maria, Kimberly Bailey, Rainbow Dickerson, Mike DiGiacinto and Stephen Jutras
Length: 1hr 30mins
Wed 18 Jul 6:30pm     Sat 21 Jul 2:45pm
Wed 25 Jul 10:30pm     Thu 26 Jul 6:30pm
Sat 28 Jul 9:45pm     Wed 1 Aug 10:30pm
Thu 2 Aug 8:30pm     Fri 3 Aug 10pm
Sat 4 Aug 11:30am     Sun 5 Aug 1:30pm

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (comedy):
A novice reporter gets more than he bargained for when he interviews silver screen sex goddess Rita Marlowe.
Written by: George Axelrod
Directed by: Holly-Anne Ruggiero
Produced by: Wildcat Theatricals
Length: 1hr 30mins
Wed 18 Jul 8:30pm     Thu 19 Jul 8:30pm
Wed 25 Jul 8:30pm     Thu 26 Jul 8:30pm
Wed 1 Aug 8:30pm     Thu 2 Aug 6:30pm

The House of Blue Leaves (farce with music):
A zookeeper/nightclub pianist struggles to improve his lot in life despite his hypochondriac wife, insistent mistress, homicidal son, absent best friend (he's famous too!) and a gaggle of nuns. The clock is ticking, their opportunities to be rich, famous, and successful - or at least geographically near to those enjoying such fortune are slowly expiring.
Written by: John Guare
Directed by: ??
Produced by: Metzler Productions
Length: 1hr 20mins
Thu 19 Jul 6pm     Sun 22 Jul 11am
Fri 27 Jul 7pm     Sat 28 Jul 7:15pm
Mon 30 Jul 8pm     Sun 5 Aug 9:30pm

Exhibit This! - The Museum Comedies (Comedy):
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has come to life! What happens when paintings, sculpture, antiquities, drawing, and fertility gods, emerge from their molds, frames, and cases? Mix in artists, guards, critics, lovers, curators and one very special night, and you have "Exhibit This."
Written by: Luigi Jannuzzi
Directed by: Elizabeth Rothan
Produced by: The Metropolitan Theatre Company
Cast: Bruce Barton, Emily Beatty, Dustin C. Burrell, Joseph Franchini, Billy Lane, Dawn E. McGee, Perryn Pomatto, Jasmin Singer, Peter Stoll and Charles F. Wagner IV
Length: 1hr 30mins
Fri 20 Jul 9:30pm     Sun 22 Jul 1:30pm
Mon 23 Jul 8:30pm     Tue 24 Jul 8:30pm
28 Jul 1pm     Sat 4 Aug 7:45pm

Patriot Acts (Comedy):
A pair of short comedies that examine the civil liberties of Americans in the post-9/11 world of today. The first work is a series of vignettes that follow the zany adventures of two federal agents vigorously enforcing provisions of the Patriot Act. The second one-act looks at a pair of NYC roommates who become entangled in a farcical case of "identity fraud" that leads to an eventful undertaking of vaudevillian proportions."
Written by: Marshall Jones III
Directed by: Rico Rosetti
Produced by: Emerge Theater Company
Cast: Julie Cotton, Deidre Da Silva, Nick Farco, Andrew Kaempfer, Asad Khan, Sarah Koestner, Stacie Lents, Paul O'Connor and Shanti Wesley
Length: 1hr 30mins
Sat 21 Jul 6:45pm     Sun 22 Jul 1:30pm
Sat 28 Jul 11am     Sun 29 Jul 8:30pm
Mon 30 Jul 6pm     Fri 3 Aug 6:15pm

The Street (musical comedy):
Stock shorts, long odds, undercover moles and a misanthropic metrosexual all collide on America's "Street of Dreams." It's a wild ride as we take on the big guns of Wall Street...only to run head-on into accounting improprieties and business shenanigans.
Libretto, book and lyrcs by: Ronnie Cohen
Directed and Choreographed by: Heidi Lauren Duke
Produced by: Michael Roderick
Cast: Leslie Anne Friedman, Fiona Choi, Anthony Aloise, Theresa Rose, Ryan Hillard, Jonathan Whitton, Jen Percival, Nicole Dalto and Joshua Walter
Length: 2hrs
Wed 25 Jul 6pm     Fri 27 Jul 4:30pm
Tue 31 Jul 8:15pm     Wed 1 Aug 6pm
Sat 4 Aug 5:15pm     Sun 5 Aug 11am

Twist (musical/gay):
A pop-rock musica. Twist weaves Victorian erotica, dark comedy and gender-bending into Dickens's famous tale as it re-imagines Oliver as an attractive young man, still searching for love, but driven by physical desire. Whether submitting to punishment at the Workhouse, or succumbing to the charms of a flirtatious Artful Dodger, Twist is always begging for more."
Libretto & lyrics by: Gila Sand
Music by: Paul Leschen
Directe by: Gila Sand
Cast: Reymundo Santiago, Garrit Guadan, Ryan Mercy, Hannah Fairchild, Jake Lemmenes, Amanda Sasser, Martin Gould Cummings, Jason Griffith and Lee Cavellier
Length: 1hr 45mins
Thu 26 Jul 10:30pm     Fri 27 Jul 9:30pm
Sat 28 Jul 5pm     Sun 29 Jul 6pm
Tue 31 Jul 6pm     Sun 5 Aug 7:15pm

WorkShop Theater, Jewel Box Space
4th Floor
312 West 36th Street
(between 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10018

Duplex (suspense thriller):
Two strangers, working in real estate, witness a murder in an empty rental. Hastily, they decide to steal the diamonds that were the motive for the killing, but deception and past transgressions could bring their plan crashing down around them.
Written by: Scott Brooks
Directed by: Sam Viverito
Presented by: Badlands Theatre Company
Cast: Jen Scott Mobley, Michael Ferrell, Diana De La Cruz, Benim Foster, John Di Benedetto and Andrew Stewart Jones
Length: 1hr 25mins
Mon 16 Jul 6pm     Sat 21 Jul 9pm
Sun 29 Jul 2:45pm     Tue 31 Jul 9:30pm
Thu 2 Aug 9:45pm     Sat 4 Aug 1pm

The Shadow-Pier (drama/film noir):
In 1952, Ferry tenBroek's film noir "The Shadow-Pier" is seized by the FBI. In 1992, a mysterious caller offers him the movie for $1 million. In the film, Johnny attempts to free his bride, Corinne, from a powerful gangster.
Written by: Jonathan Wallace
Directed by: James Edward Duff
Presented by: Howling Moon Cab Company
Cast: ared Morgenstern, Paul Pryce, Peter Reznikoff and Gayle Robbins
Length: 1hr 30mins
Mon 16 Jul 8pm     Sat 21 Jul 12:45pm
Tue 24 Jul 5:45pm     Sun 29 Jul 8:30pm
Fri 3 Aug Jul 6pm     Sun 5 Aug 8:30pm

I'm In Love With Your Wife (comedy):
When Gary's friend Paul confesses to an affair with Gary's wife, and Paul's wife confides in Gary her own dirty secrets, Gary must face his demons in this story of sexually obsessed New Yorkers.
Written by: Alex Goldberg
Directed by: Tom Wojtunik
Presented by: Changuitos Productions
Cast: Ron Palillo, Shane Jacobsen, Katie Kreisler, Ron Palillo, Ean Sheehy, Marion Wood and Monica Yudovich
Length: 1hr 25mins
Tue 17 Jul 8:30pm     Fri 20 Jul 6pm
Sun 22 Jul 8:45pm     Wed 25 Jul 5:45pm
Sat 28 Jul 3pm     Fri 3 Aug 8pm

Outroverted (comedy/monologues):
A show for the chronically unaccepted, Outroverted shows "reality" through the colorful eyes of those who are different; frustrated gamer geeks, fat lunatic wenches, struggling black actors, closeted virgins, and socially stifled women. Five shows. Five voices. Countless moments of awkwardness.
Presented: I Ate What? Theatre Company
Cast: Simona Berman, Brian Bielawski, Craig Durante, Richie McCall and Susan Rankus
Length: 2hrs
Tue 17 Jul 6pm     Wed 18 Jul 9:15pm
Sat 21 Jul 6:30pm     Thu 26 Jul 7pm
Sun 30 Jul 8pm     Sat 4 Aug 3pm

Love and Israel (monologues/comedy/drama):
Explores the human side of Israel through the eyes of different Jewish writers who have a deep and complex relationship with the place.
Script Compiled and edited by: Sissy Block & Ilana Lipski
monologues written by: various authors
Directed by: Ilana Lipski
Produced by: Sissy Block and Ilana Lipski
Cast: Sissy Block, Nathan Brisby, Iuliana Gedo, Jordana Oberman, Mindy Raf and Avi Reinharz
Length: 1hr 15mins
Wed 18 Jul 5:30pm     Sat 21 Jul 2:45pm
Sun 22 Jul 7pm     Sun 29 Jul 11am
Thu 2 Aug 7:45pm     Sun 5 Aug 4:30pm

Storia (solo show):
Charts five generations in a journey of hope, loss, love and trial through immigration and assimilation.
Written by: Troy Diana
Directed by: Jennifer Ortega
Presented by: The Monarch Theater
Cast: Troy Diana
Length: 1hr 15mins
Wed 18 Jul 7:15pm     Thu 19 Jul 7:30pm
Sat 28 Jul 6:45pm     Sat 4 11am

Papa's Will (drama):
Through his fractured adolescence and early manhood, Will McCarthy discovers and accepts the inevitability of his family's fate. Papa Gene, his grandfather, provides him unique life lessons, a few handy cliches and a smidgen of hope to get through the rough patches.
Written by: Rob Egginton
Directed by: Rob Egginton
Presented by: Panicked Productions
Cast: Marshall Sharer, Sam Antar, Brett Friedmann, Stu Richel and Kat Lower
Length: 1hr 10mins
Thu 19 Jul 5:45pm     Sat 22 Jul 11:30am
Fri 27 Jul 6:30pm     Sun 29 Jul 4:45pm
Tue 31 Jul 7:45pm     Sat 4 Aug9:15pm

Stuck (drama):
The story of 2 young women from rural America, looking for a way out. The girls seek to improve their circumstances, but only move closer to destroying themselves due to their inability to see their way out.
Written by: Jessica Goldberg
Presented by: Amy Lerner/Hana Mori Taylor
Length: 1hr 30mins
Thu 19 Jul 9:30pm     Sun 22 Jul 3:15pm
Sat 28 Jul 1pm     Mon 30 Jul 6pm
Fri 3 Aug 10pm     Sun 5 Aug 6:30pm

The Last One Left (comedy/drama):
Danny returns home from fighting a senseless war against killer robots with a war buddy in tow, only to encounter unimagined battles in his family's living room.
Written by: Jason Pizzarello
Directed by: Dev Bondarin
Produced by: Geek Ink
Cast: Phil Bartolf, Marco Formosa, Deborah Johnstone, Maria McConville, John Stillwaggon and Emily Zempel
Length: 1hr 20mins
Fri 20 Jul 9:45pm     Sun 22 Jul 1:15pm
Thu 26 Jul 9:30pm     Sun 29 Jul 6:30pm
Wed 1 Aug 8pm     Sun 5 Aug 11am

A Line in the Sand (solo show/drama):
Columbine. 20 Apr 1999. 15 dead. 23 wounded. The worst school shooting in U.S. history until 16 Apr 2007. 8 years and more than 40 school shootings later, we still have a lot to learn. Based on interviews with survivors, Adina Taubman's solo show searches for answers.
Written by: Adina Taubman
Directed by: Padraic Lillis
Produced by: Gemini Productions
Cast: Adina Taubman
Length: 1hr 15mins
Fri 20 Jul 8pm     Sun 22 Jul 5:15pm
Tue 24 Jul 7:45pm     Wed 25 Jul 9:45pm

As Long a Time as a Long Time is in Long Time Land (drama):
Two men are trapped in a single cell. One believes that amnesia will set him free as the other goes to the depths of pain to remember everything beyond the locked door. Which man holds the key to their freedom?
Written by: Todd Pate
Directed by: Barbara Suter
Produce by: Broken Blade Theatre Company
Cast: Christopher Hurt and Michael Rushton
Length: 1hr
Sat 21 Jul 4:30pm     Mon 23 Jul 8pm
Tue 24 Jul 9:30pm     sat 28 Jul 11am
Wed 1 Aug 6pm     sat 4 Aug 5:30pm

Five By Three (drama):
Learn how to breakup with a friend, move without packing, bite your friend's face and hide from zombies in these five short plays by three women
Written by: Nicole Greevy, Uma Incrocci and Erica Jensen
Directed by: Nicole Greevy & Erica Jensen
Presented by: Numerical Productions
Cast: Mike Caban, William Franke, Deborah Green, Nicole Greevy, Armistead Johnson, Sarah Malkin, Kirk McGee, Christian Pedersen, Ninon Rogers, Alison Saltz, Andi Teran, Dan Truman and Melanie Wehrmacher
Length: 1hr 15mins
Sat 21 Jul 11am     Fri 27 Jul 8:15pm
Tue 31 Jul 6pm     Thu 2 Aug 6pm
Sat 4 Aug 7:30pm     sun 5 Aug 2:45pm

Webeime (drama):
On Death Row, one man searches his soul for inner peace before his execution while his subconscious ruminates on how he arrived at this place in time.
Written by: Layon Gray
Directed by: Layon Gray
Produced by: The Black Gents Of Hollywood
Cast: Lamman Rucker, Jay Jones, Eddie Lewis, Justin Biko, Layon Gray, Jason McGhee, Thom Scott and Donn Swaby
Length: 1hr 30mins
Mon 23 Jul 6pm     Wed 25 Jul 7:45pm
Thu 26 Jul 5pm     Fri 27 Jul 10pm
Sat 28 Jul 8:45pm     sun 29 Jul 12:45pm

The Speed Queen (drama):
Marjorie Standiford is on Death Row in Oklahoma. Now she is answering questions posed to her by American's most popular horror novelist about the wild life of sex, drugs, and crime that has led to what may be her imminent execution.
Written by: Based on the novel by O'Nan, adapted by Anne Stockton
Directed by: Austin Pendleton
Cast: Anne Stockton
Length: 1hr 15mins
Sat 28 Jul 5pm     Wed 1 Aug 10pm
Fri 3 Aug 4:15pm     Sun 5 Aug 1pm

Where Eagles Dare Theatre
Ground Floor
347 West 36th Street
(between 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10018

Addicted to Christmas (black comedy):
They celebrate Christmas monthly, weekly, sometimes daily. They avenge Santa Claus bashings. They stage vigilante attacks in the name of Currier & Ives. Their time zone is out of sync with the outside world. While resorting to green spray paint to freshen their wilted tree, their Yule Log video is proselytizing like a burning bush. It talks back, and isn't happy.
Written by: David Patrick Stearns
Directed by: Sheri Johnson
Produced by: Greg Miller
Length: 1hr 30mins
Mon 16 Jul 6pm     Sun 22 Jul 1:30pm
Sat 28 Jul 6pm     Fri 3 Aug 4pm

I Am Not a Chimpanzee (horror):
While Sam, a former attorney, sits under the table of his crumbling Park Avenue kitchen in urban leisure wear doing drugs, his wife Margaret volunteers at a sanctuary for abused chimpanzees at the Bronx Zoo, where she performs increasingly amorous experiments.
Written by: Michael Stockman
Directed by: Douglas S. Hall
Cast: Betty McKinley, Mort Milder and Nedra McClyde
Length: 1hr 30mins
Mon 16 Jul 8:30pm     Sat 21 Jul 9pm
Tue 24 Jul 8:30pm     Sun 29 Jul 7:15pm
Tue 31 Jul 6:30pm     Sat 4 Aug 4:30pm

Four Unfold: a story with song (comedy/drama):
An unconventional play with song about four city friends facing together breakthroughs to freedom and the fragile understanding of life.
Presented by: Kate Lemos
Length: 2hrs
Tue 17 Jul 8:30pm     Wed 18 Jul 6pm
Sat 21 Jul 6pm     Sun 29 Jul 1:45pm
Thu 2 Aug 8:30pm     Sat 4 Aug 1:30pm

Nosferatu: The Morning of My Death (drama/horror):
Tells a macabre and timely tale of destruction from within as an insidious spirit of evil infects an entire city with madness turning respected citizens into monsters and the beloved into the terrible.
Written by: Stanton Wood
Directed by: Edward Elefterion
Presented by: Rabbit Hole Ensemble
Cast: Danny Ashkenasi, Matt W. Cody, Paul Daily, Emily Hartford, Jenna Kalinowski and David Miclei
Length: 1hr 15mins
Tue 17 Jul 6pm     Thu 19 Jul 6pm
Sat 28 Jul 8:30pm     Sun 29 Jul 4:45pm
Fri 3 Aug 9pm     Sat 5 Aug 1:30pm

All The King's Women (comedy):
Tells a macabre and timely tale of destruction from within as an insidious spirit of evil infects an entire city with madness turning respected citizens into monsters and the beloved into the terrible.Some enthralled, Some appalled, All obsessed! The life of Elvis Presley told through the eyes of 17 women.
Written by: Luigi Jannuzzi
Directed by: Branan Whitehead
Produced by: The Metropolitan Theatre Company
Cast: Alisha Campbell, Rebecca Bateman, Craig Clary, Salome' M. Krell and Jessica Asch
Length: 1hr 30mins
Wed 18 Jul 9pm     Fri 20 Jul 7pm
Mon 23 Jul 8:30pm     Sat 28 Jul 3:30pm
Wed 1 Aug 6pm     Sun 5 Aug 11am

Out Of The Flames (horror):
He came to find peace with the world, but out of the flames this world brought out the worst in him." Its' a tragedy, its a comedy, its the Devil.
Presented by: Opening Night Entertainment
Length: 1hr 30mins
Thu 19 Jul 8:30pm     Sun 22 Jul 11am
Mon 23 Jul 6pm     Fri 27 Jul 8:45pm
Sat 4 Aug 7pm     Sun 5 Aug 6:45pm

The Cholmondeley Chronicles (horror):
When a mysterious letter arrives one day, it opens a Pandora's Box, propelling the world's two biggest losers on a journey of self discovery they won't soon forget.
Written by: Michael Rudez
Directed by: Michael Roderick
Produced by: Small Pond Entertainment and Prophecy Productions
Cast: Kenn Mann, Michael Mraz, Daphnie Yang, Elizabeth Owens and Howard Davidson
Length: 1hr 30mins
Fri 20 Jul 9:30pm     Sun 22 Jul 8:45pm
wed 25 Jul 6pm     Sun 30 Jul 8:30pm
Mon 31 Jul 9pm     Sat 4 Aug 9pm

The Broken Jump (comedy/drama/play with music):
A small-time vaudeville comic at the end of a broken jump is forced to decide whether it's better to dream a dream he's always had or to live one he never knew existed.
Written by: King Talent
Directed by: J.B. Lawrence
Produced by: Baby Hippopotamus Productions
Cast: King Talent, Melissa Jo Talent, Matt "Mo" Talent, Tony King, Jack Boice, Dan Hernandez, Greg Homison and Caitlin Mehner
Length: 1hr 45mins
Sat 21 Jul 1:15pm     Thu 26 Jul 6pm
Sun 29 Jul 11am     Wed 1 Aug 8:30pm
Thu 2 Aug 5:30pm     Sun 5 Aug 4pm

The Hand and The Hen (comedy/drama):
The Hand: a calm and retired man suffered a strange and bizarre mutilation of his right hand when he sticks it out of the window to find out if it is raining.
The Hen: The story of a calm and talkative intellectual man whose wife is violated both mentally and physically by the neighbor.
Written by: Fernando Josseau
Translated by: Adolfo Perez Alvarez and Oscar A. Mendoza
Directed by: Oscar A. Mendoza
Produced by: Woken'Glacier Theater Company
Cast: Paul Daily, Jeffery Steven Allen and Coco Silvera
Length: 1hr 15mins
Sat 21 Jul 11am     Sun 22 Jul 6:30pm
Wed 25 Jul 8:30pm     Fri 27 Jul 6:30pm
Mon 30 Jul 6:15pm     Sun 5 Aug 9:15pm

The Conjugality Test (comedy/drama):
David is a progressive Manhattanite with an impressive job, a successful wife, and a bright teenage daughter. Who is this young attractive woman who woos him? What lurks under the niceties of a contemporary urban family?
Written by: Michael Lazan
Directed by: David Gautschy
Cast: Jim Shankman, Shaun Bennet Wilson, Jackie Sydney, Warren Katz and Amanda Sayle
Length: 1hr 30mins
Sun 22 Jul 4pm     Tue 24 Jul 6pm
Thu 26 Jul 8:45pm     Sat 28 Jul 1pm
Sun 29 Jul 9:15pm     Fri 3 Aug 6:30pm

Stage Left Studio
Suite 5-A
348 West 37th Street
(between 9th & 10th Avenues)
New York, NY

Cat-her-in-e (solo show/comedy):
About one girl's conflicted relationship with her brilliantly imaginative but troubled older cousin.
Written by: Amy Staats
Directed by: Jorelle Aronovitch
Cast: Amy Staats
Length: 1hr
Wed 25 Jul 8pm     Thu 26 Jul 6:30pm
Sat 28 Jul 4pmpm     Fri 3 aug 6:30pm
Sat 4 Aug 8:30pm     Sun 5 Aug 2pm

Transit (solo show):
From an epiphany on Charles Street in Boston to the Howard Johnson Hotel on Houston Street - via Appalachia and Kansas City - follow the adventures of the white girl in her search for God!
Written by: Mary Jane Wells
Directed by: Ben Sander
Cast: Mary Jane Wells
Length: 1hr 30mins
Thu 26 Jul 8:30pm     Sat 28 Jul 8:15pm
Fri 3 Aug 8:30pm     Sun 4 Aug 1:30pm
Sun 5 Aug 4pm    

Fix-It (solo show, comedy):
Can a childhood of self-help therapy prepare Megan Griswold for her husband�s devastating secret? Chronicles an unusual rite of passage, her husband�s shocking arrest and how she stretches the limits of optimism and therapy in her attempts to �fix it.�
Written by: Megan Griswold
Directed by: Leah Davidson and Pam DeVore
Cast: Megan Griswold
Length: 1hr 20mins
Fri 27 Jul 8:30pm     Sat 28 Jul 6pm
Sun 29 Jul 2pm & 6:45pm     Wed 1 Aug 8:30pm
Thu 2 Aug 6:30pm      

The Purpose of Matter In The Universe (solo show/multi-media/comedy/drama):
Auto-biographical tale of a man at a crossroads in life suffering an emotional breakdown while driving from California to Florida.
Written by: Joe Hutcheson
Directed by: DB Levin
Cast: Joe Hutcheson
Length: 1hr 15mins
Fri 27 Jul 6pm     Sun 29 Jul 4:15pm
Thu 2 Aug 8:45pm     Sat 4 Aug 6:15pm

The Festival will also present seven staged readings
All preformed at: WorkShop Theater, MainStage Space
4th Floor
312 West 36th Street
(between 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10018

Admission is Free

Moishe and Mohammad (drama)
Moishe is an Israeli Jew, Mohammed a Palestinian Arab. In a free-wheeling, no-holds-barred discussion, sparks fly as both men hurl charges and countercharges at each other, each blaming the other side for causing the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Written by: Phillip W. Weiss
Directed by: Phillip W. Weiss
Produced by: Phillip W. Weiss
Cast: Bruce Zayde and Phillip W. Weiss
Length: 75 - 90mins
Wed 25 Jul 3pm     Fri 27 Jul 2pm

He Is (inspirational/comedy/drama)
An inspirational adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz." We have all heard the story... but not quite like this!
Written by: Dana F. Joseph
Directed by: Curtis Von
Cast: Jamye Jackson, Elizabeth Earnest, Curtis Von, Derrick Nash, Tiffany Joseph, Jasmine Parker, Phillip Brent Sr., Tanisha Harris-Martin, Michelle Thomas, Breigh Jiles and Danielle Rivers
Length: 1hr 30mins
Thu 26 Jul 2pm     Fri 27 Jul 2pm

Love On Ice (musical)
What would you do to live with the one you love--FOREVER?
Libretto and lyrics by: Bill Nagel
Music by: Kevin Conners
Directed by: Peter Flynn
Length: 2hr 15mins
Tue 31 Jul 3pm      

Zuly in the Last Place on Earth (musical)
They are all here because they have nowhere else to go, and the one dog strong enough to save this war-torn junkyard... just wants to sing.
Libretto and lyrics by: Anthea Fane
Music by: John Chin and Christina Kulick
Directed by: Mercedes Murphy
Length: 1hr 15mins
Wed 1 Aug 3pm     Thu 2 Aug 3:30pm

La Tosca! (melodramatic comedy)
A new comic re-telling of the sordid story of lust, lies and love in 1800�s Rome.
Written by: Hector Lugo
Directed by: Hector Lugo
Produced by: Hector Lugo & LGBT Theatre Cast: Hector Lugo, J. Dolan Byrnes, Joey Dudding, George Hahn and Tony Yazbeck
Length: 1hr 30mins
Thu 2 Aug 1pm      

Those Whistling Lads: The Poems and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker (comedy/drama)
Let Dorothy Parker, the Algonquin Round Table's wittiest writer, along with six lovely young men and women, show you how -- and how not -- to handle them!.
Written and adapted by: Maureen Van Trease
Produced by: TimeSpace Theatre Company
Cast: Maureen Van Trease, Jessica Grove, JT Arbogast, Michelle Enfield, Eric Starker, Emily Hagburg and Christian Roulleau
Length: 1hr 30mins
Fri 3 Aug 1:30pm      

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