East to Edinburgh at 59e59 Theatres

59e59 Theatres announce the 2007 lineup for their fourth annual festival East to Edinburgh, which presents a preview of American shows taking part in the Edinburgh festival. This year the festival presents twelve of these shows.

The East to Edinburgh 2007 presents:

  • Rash
    Playwright: Jenni Wolfson
    Director: Jen Nails
    Produced by: ??
    Cast: Jenni Wolfson
    Synopsis: What if your dream job could kill you? A Scottish woman's journey as a UN human rights worker, living and loving under fire in post-genocide Rwanda.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 10 - 13 Jul 2007

  • Grasmere
    Playwright: Kristina Leach
    Director: Noel Neeb
    Produced by: RoaN Productions
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: Lives unravel as jealousy, addiction and love threaten to tear them apart. In the exquisite seclusion of the Lake District, William and Dorothy Wordsworth live happily until the unexpected arrival of old friends promises to change their lives forever.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 12 - 21 Jul 2007

  • Stinky Flowers and the Bad Banana
    Playwright: Croft Vaughns
    Director: Adam Goldstein
    Produced by: Wasted Theatre
    Cast: Croft Vaughn.
    Synopsis: A young boy, a grandfather's wisdom, a mother's sadness. A multi-media journey that discovers meaning in imagination. Warring monkeys and enchanted lakes vividly come to life in a dreamer's attic.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 13 - 15 Jul 2007

  • Inside Private Lives
    Playwright: Kristin Stone
    Director: Lee Michael Cohn
    Produced by: ??
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: Debate the famous in LA's long running hit Inside Private Lives. Decide the fate of controversial 20th century figures, like cult leader David Koresh, baseball's Marge Schott, transgendered sweetheart Christine Jorgensen and IRA hungerstriker Bobby Sands to name a few.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 13 - 29 Jul 2007

  • A Thousand Cranes
    Playwright: Kathryn Shultz Miller
    Director: Masha Obolensky
    Produced by: PSFilms and Productions
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: A true and poignant story of a 12 year old Japanese girl and her battle with her deadly, bomb related Leukemia. She embraces an old legend, that if she makes 1,000 paper cranes her wish will be granted by the Gods. Will she complete her 1,000 paper cranes in time?
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 14 Jul 2007

  • House Divided
    Playwright: Sean D. Bennett
    Director: Sean D. Bennett
    Produced by: PSFilms and Productions
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: Dad's birthday cake remains uncut whilst a family strives for peace within the home. A young son, a priest, stands accused of a terrible crime. The church hierarchy closes ranks. Will his family stand by him and can he clear his name.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 14 Jul

  • An Age of Angels
    Playwright: Mark Soper
    Director: Ines Wurth
    Produced by: IMC Productions
    Cast: Mark Soper
    Synopsis: Murder results when a child kicks a ball over a schoolyard fence into traffic. Told in Roshomon-esque fashion. Ten characters. Ten stories. You decide.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 17 - 19 Jul 2007

  • Happy Hour in Guaranteed Laughs or Your Monkey Back
    Playwright: Mark Gindick, Ambrose Martos and Matt Morgan
    Director: Richard Crawford
    Produced by: ??
    Cast: Mark Gindick, Ambrose Martos and Matt Morgan
    Synopsis: The show has minor acrobatics, some cross dressing, love lost and won, a birthday celebration, a bit of performance art, audience interactions, dance, the fine art of karate, and tons of sweat.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 20 - 24 Jul 2007

  • MOD
    Book: Paul Andrew Perez
    Music & lyrics: George Griggs
    Director: Chantel Pascente
    Produced by: Infinity Repertory Theatre Company
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: It's 1964 in small-town America and the British Invasion, led by the Beatles, is in full swing. Every teenager is filled with hope, energy and an excitement as powerful as the first chord of A Hard Day's Night. Rory is determined to be the Fifth Beatle. He wears a Beatle hair cut, Beatle Boots, Beatle suits, uses pimple cream and is discovering guitars and girls.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 20 - 29 Jul 2007

    Playwright: Shapour Benard
    Director: Julie Baber
    Produced by: 20% Theatre Company
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: Anna and Sam throw Soledad a surprise birthday party that Julie gleefully crashes. Julie's arrival sets a series of events into motion that forces Soledad to face her past and question what she truly wants out of life. How will Soledad cope once she finally stops running?
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 25 - 28 Jul 2007

  • LA FEMME EST MORTE or Why I Should Not F!%# My Son
    Playwright: Shoshona Currier
    Director: Shoshona Currier
    Produced by: The Shalimar
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: Live music, frenetic dance, fierce boxing, raw meat. A contemporary Phaedra adaptation that wildly satirizes America's celebrity obsession in the midst of war. Flash photography is encouraged. Be careful of blood splatter.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 24 - 27 Jul 2007

  • The Nina Variations
    Playwright: Steven Dietz
    Director: Douglas 'Chip' Rome
    Produced by: Rams2Scotland
    Cast: ??
    Synopsis: Experimental Chekhov. An ensemble approach to an intimate moment as 4 Treplevs and 10 Ninas explore the kaleidoscope potential­from heartfelt to silly to sublime­of their star-crossed relationship, in 42 fast-paced versions of their final scene from 'The Seagull.'
    Venue: 59E59's Theater B
    Dates: 27 - 28 Jul 2007

  • Miracle in Rwanda
    Playwright: Leslie Lewis Sword and Edward Vilga
    Director: Schele Williams
    Produced by: Broadview Phoenix
    Cast: Leslie Lewis Sword
    Synopsis: Based on the True Story of Immaculée Ilibagiza: Could you forgive your entire family's killers? Immaculee Ilibagiza did.
    Venue: 59E59's Theater C
    Dates: 29 Jul 2007

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