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'Driving While Black & Other Felonious Funk' at The Venue at St James

The new dark comedy Driving While Black & Other Felonious Funk , written and directed by Ron Beverly will be presented as an Equity Showcase Production at The Venue at St. James from the 18 Mar - 17 Apr 2005

Model citizen Jonathan Q. Downing is pulled over by the cops for a 'minor' traffic violation. He is then arrested and molested and his beliefs will be tested - because Jonathan ends up on death row! And that's when the fun really begins.

Driving While Black & Other Felonious Funk also takes a sardonic look at the plethora of reality TV shows that currently clog the airwaves. Jonathan is not only in prison, but he may also star in a new reality TV series, "Who Wants To Be On Death Row?"

The cast includes Jerome Preston Bates, Gil Pritchett III, Carla Brothers, Michael Leonard James, Ayo Robinson and Richard York.

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