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Double Vision at the Linhart Theater

Don't Say Miami and Joshua P. Weiss presents Double Vision, by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, at the Linhart Theater from 10 - 24 Aug 2007, as part of FringeNYC.

Double Vision: Love hurts. Running from it can leave you half-crazy and riding the subway nude. Six singles navigate the tricky waters of urban, modern relationships in this quirky tale of love on the lam.

At the center of the story is Dave, who's afraid to tell his girlfriend to turn down a job transfer across the country in California. The more he resists the urge to tell her to stay, the more he loses his grip on reality, identifying closer and closer with the naked man in the subway. Around him, his roommates and friends are also living out their relationship fears - with sometimes-tragic consequences. Mark keeps company with only married women to minimize the risk of getting in to deep. And the older Ben beds only nubile beauties, telling himself he's their spirit anyway. Celia avoids love, working the nightshift and Mary escapes up the corporate ladder. Michelle is young and has never been hurt, but all that's about to change...

Directed by Ari Laura Kreith, Double Vision features Christopher McCann (Ben), Shane Jacobsen (Dave), Linda Jones (Celia), Quinn Mattfeld (Mark), Rebecca Henderson (Mary) and Sarah Silk (Michelle).

Set and costumes by Michael Wilson Morgan, with lighting by Antoinette Stokes and sound by Ben Morss.

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