Dorothy Strelsin Fresh Ink Primary Stages Reading Series

Primary Stages presents their reading series Dorothy Strelsin Fresh Ink reading series. Dorothy Strelsin Fresh Ink presents five new plays in five days at the 45th Street Theatre from the 16 - 20 May 2006 at 4pm.

The five readings are free to the public, no reservation needed. The Dorothy Strelsin Fresh Ink readins are:

  • Monstrosity
    Playwrite: Lucy Thurber
    Director: Suzanne Agins
    Synopsis: The bridegroom�s old flame arrives unexpectedly on his wedding day and the nuptials are called off - but only long enough for a second act set in Greenwich Village to solve all.
    Date: Tue 16 May at 4pm

  • In Loco Parentis
    Playwrite: Andrew Case
    Director: Christian Parker
    Synopsis: Having left life in New York to teach in a private boarding school, Paul and his wife are tasked with parenting a house of sixteen-year olds before they have any children of their own. When one girl embarks on a series of self-destructive pranks that intrude into the couple's private sphere, Paul must confront the myth that prep school is a sylvan scene compared to the rough competitive world he left behind in the city.
    Date: Wed 17 May at 4pm

  • Lake Effect Show
    Playwrite: Rogelio Martinez
    Director: Sam Gold
    Synopsis: As one young college student searches for love and her place in the world, the private life of her parents, who are both professors at her college, takes precedence over her own.
    Date: Thu 18 May at 4pm

  • Dusty and the Big Bad World
    Playwrite: Cusi Cram
    Director: Tyler Marchant
    Synopsis: Dusty is the most popular animated Children's television show in America. But when Dusty goes to visit a family with two Daddies, the big bad world intervenes. And it isn't pretty.
    Date: Fri 19 May at 4pm

  • The Archduke of Libertyville.
    Playwrite: Brooke Berman
    Director: Josh Hecht
    Synopsis: Polly and Graham, estranged ex-step siblings, meet at a funeral after 15 years apart. Two weeks later, he shows up on her doorstep in New York City and the two spend a few days unearthing the seemingly perilous meaning of family. His, hers, theirs. Past, present, future.
    Date: Sat 20 May at 4pm

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