Dirt at the Player's Loft

Dreck Productions presents Dirt, by Austrian playwright Robert Schneider, translated by Paul Dvorak, at the Player's Loft from 10 - 22 Aug 2007, as part of FringeNYC.

Dirt centers on Sad, an illegal immigrant from Iraq, who sells roses on the streets to make ends meet. He is charming, cynical, humorous, violent and sad. Although he loves the English language and American culture he misses his homeland. As Sad continues to talk it becomes increasingly clear that he has a love-hate relationship with himself, his heritage and the western world he currently lives in.

Dirt was the most frequently performed solo show in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in the 1990�s. The influential German theatre magazine Theaterheute awarded Robert Schneider Best New Playwright Of The Year (1993) for the drama.

Directed by David Robinson, Dirt is performed by Austrian/American actor Christopher Domig.

Set design by Gabriel Garza, with lighting by Greg Brostrom.

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