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Desperate Measures at 45th Street Theater

Desperate Measures, book & lyrics by Peter Kellogg; music by David Friedman, at 45th Street Theater from 12 - 24 Sep 2006 as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Desperate Measures: Tells the tale of Johnny Blood, a hotheaded young cowboy, sentenced to hang for killin� a man in a bar fight. When his sister, Susanna, a novice nun in a nearby Franciscan mission, pleads for his life, the Governor offers to pardon Johnny � if Susanna will sleep with him. What to do? The sheriff suggests Susanna say yes and then, under cover of darkness, switch places with o�ne of the saloon girls. What happens next makes for a desperate mix of comedy, suspense, and romance, in this Western musical loosely based on Shakespeare�s Measure for Measure.

Directed and choreographed by Eleanor Reissa, Desperate Measures features Merwin Foard (Sheriff), Patrick Garner (Priest), Ginifer King (Susanna), Jenny Powers (Bella), Max von Essen (Johnny Blood), Nick Wyman (Governor).

Set design by Sarah Lambert, with costumes by Clint Ramos, lighting by Kirk Bookman and sound by Marcus Karlstad.

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