De La Guarda's new 'spin' DJ Connection 30 Jan 2004

Wed 14 Jan 2004 De La Guarda's new 'spin' DJ Connection 30 Jan 2004 De La Guarda's new 'spin' DJ Connection is a wild, extended version of the show. On Friday , 30 Jan 2004 at 10:30 PM, a DJ CONNECTION Special Edition: Boys Night will feature an appearance by DJ Abel. "Check out the thrilling, high-flying show with extra mist, fog, dancing and a sound system that rocks." Performance begins at 10:30 PM at the Daryl Roth Theatre, 101 East 15th Street, at 20 Union Square East ( and runs approx. 2 hours (regularly 70 minutes). In DJ CONNECTION, a live DJ weaves in and out of the action with a spin on the show that transports audiences into a dancing, free-spirited frenzy. Abel Aguilera was born in NYC. He has always had a love for music. At 13, Abel moved to Miami where his fever for the turntables began. Abel started helping his friends at high school parties in the late 70s - taking turns at the tables to see who was better. In 1980, Abel was offered jobs spinning at nightclubs on Miami's famous Bickell Avenue. Local radio producers caught his infections rhythms and soon Abel had his own mix show on Miami's Super Q FM 107. This legendary show ran nearly seven years. In 1984, Abel was spinning at his famous Waterfront. In 1992, Paragon opened and Abel played on coveted Saturday nights. In March 1996, Salvation opened in South Beach. Promoters brought Abel in to spin Saturday nights and he made a spectacular musical impression. Soon afterward, Abel and Ralph Rosario partnered and created the production/mixing team known as Rosabel. They have worked with Otmar Liebert, Gloria Estefan, Donna Summer, Jeanne Tracy and others. Abel's first release on 4 Play Records, The Party of A Lifetime, is a continuous-mixed CD that represents his skillfully-crafted, Miami-influenced sound. He continues the momentum on Circuit Sessions 00.2 - an explosive collection of underground rhythms that is sure to become required listening for any dance music or circuit enthusiast. This compilation also features Abel's first solo single, "Control." Most recently in New York, DJ Abel has appeared at Alegria.

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