De La Guarda's new 'spin' DJ Connection 28 Feb 2004 with Tony Moran

Fri 20 Feb 2004 De La Guarda's new 'spin' DJ Connection 28 Feb 2004 with Tony Moran De La Guarda's new 'spin' DJ Connection is a wild, extended version of the show. On Saturday, 28 Feb 2004 at 10:00 PM, a DJ CONNECTION featuring Tony Moran "Check out the thrilling, high-flying show with extra mist, fog, dancing and a sound system that rocks." Performance begins at 10 PM at the Daryl Roth Theatre, 101 East 15th Street, at 20 Union Square East ( and runs approx. 2 hours (regularly 70 minutes). In DJ CONNECTION, a live DJ weaves in and out of the action with a spin on the show that transports audiences into a dancing, free-spirited frenzy. This year, Tony Moran has headlined six major parties including the Memorial Day �Allegria� party in New York, �Dancing On the Bay� and Labor Day �Zenith� parties on Fire Island, �Soakin Wet� in New York, �Black and Blue� in Montreal and �The Hell Ball� in San Francisco. He�s released four compilation albums from Centaur Entertainment: �Global Groove: House,� �Global Groove: A Deeper Heart,� �Party Groove: Hotlanta� and �Maze: Miami Beach.� He also wrote the score for the independent film �Circuit.� Now, along with continuing his nationwide touring schedule, Tony has just released his latest compilation disc, also from Centaur, �Global Groove: Clubland 2�. Tony Moran�s career began in 1981 when he and friend Albert Cabrera teamed to create a whole new step in the record making process. Together they were The Latin Rascals, whose re-edited versions of hit songs spliced together enjoyed major air-play on New York dance radio WKTU�s popular mix show. The radio exposure led to a deal from Shakedown Studios who hired the duo to restructure popular hit radio songs into viable dance club hits. Shortly thereafter, they were contracted by another studio, Fever Records, to write and produce a song for The Cover Girls. The result was �Show Me�, a song that not only became Tony Moran�s first Top 40 gold record but also helped usher in the �freestyle� era of music. This opened the doors for new artists including TKA, Safire (�Boy I�ve Been Told�), and Lisette Melendez (�Together Forever�), all of whom benefited from the skillful hands of Moran and Cabrera.

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