'Dazed And Abused' by Kinvara Balfour

Little Donkey Productions presents the NY debut of the Edinburgh and London hit Dazed And Abused by Kinvara Balfour and directed by Mark Bowden for a limited time at a unique venue, the Diane Von Furstenberg Studio, from the 10 - 20 Mar 2005.

Dazed And Abused is a farcical comedy of manners ridiculing privileged people in British society�with a twist! The play is set around a date that goes horribly wrong and portrayed, a la Pirandello, by performers who also begin to lose control. The evening is hosted by an actual psychiatrist who may or may not be stable enough himself to get control when things begin to spiral past the point of no return.

�What makes this play especially intuitive is that all of the performers themselves have come from privileged backgrounds (one is an actual countess) and/ or from high status jobs (guard�s officer, public relations man, psychiatrist, designer and journalist) before training as actor,� says director Mark Bowden. �Here, they are pretty much playing versions of themselves.�

The play's all-British cast stars Joss Ings-Chambers, Julian Bird, Bill Hurst, Jagdeep Bhangoe and Kinvara Balfour.

Dazed And Abused premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2004. Consequently it transferred to London's Canal Cafe Theatre for an extended three-week run. The show will return to London's Etcetera Theatre for a further three weeks in April 2005.

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