Dance at Bantaan at the Wings Theatre

Wings Theatre Co presents Dance at Bataan, written and directed by Blake Bradford, at the Wings Theatre from 28 Jun - 26 Jul 2008.

Dance at Bantaan: While researching Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for her graduate thesis, Hannah Swindon comes across suspicious files regarding a WWII survivor of the Bataan Death March. Slowly becoming friends with Mr. Edwards, she becomes engrossed in the incredible story of three friends that created a 'university' while POWs in order to survive brutal Japanese treatment. When Hannah finds out the incredible truth to Mr. Edwards' time at Bataan, she is forced to decide whether to protect a friend or use his story to graduate.

The play features Tamara Cacchione, Sarah Hankins, Jim Heaphy, Patrick McGhee, Annie Pesch, Jade Rothman, Christopher Simon, Christine Vinh and Michael Weems.

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