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Cupid And Psyche at Altered Stages

The Themantics Group presents Cupid And Psyche, by Joseph Fisher, opening at Altered Stages on the 10 Apr 2006, following previews from the 7 Apr and closing on the 30 Apr 2006.

Cupid And Psyche is a contemporary comedy adapted from the ancient mythological story. When the goddess Aphrodite has her mojo stolen by the most beautiful woman in the world, Psyche, she begins to age, and decides to, er, eliminate the problem. She calls on her son, Cupid, to destroy the princess but he hits a snag when he does what he has never done before � falls in love with Psyche himself.

Cupid And Psyche's cast, directed by Alex Lippard, features Jeannie Dalton, Nick Cearley, Stephanie Janssen, Jonathan Todd Ross, Kim Schultz, Johnny Sparks, Richard Sterne and Lanette Ware.

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