Coming Home, an evening of three short plays at Theatre Row's Lion Theatre

Living Image Arts present Coming Home, an evening of three short plays, opening at Theatre Row's Lion Theatre on 31 May 2008, following previews from 29 May and running through to 14 Jun 2008.

The three plays are:

  • Sparrow
  • Playwright: Linda Faigao-Hall
  • Director: Ian Morgan
  • Cast: Luz Lor and Banaue Miclat
  • Synopsis: New York artist, Tina (the Filipina Georgia O'Keefe) has returned to the Philippines after ten years, eight months and twenty-seven days, in search of her childhood friend Cris. But when she finds her, Tina discovers that Cris has become entangled with The Sparrows, a pseudo-terrorist organization, bent on bringing down the corrupt Capitalist Regime. Now they must both face the choices that life has forced upon them and the consequences of their lives apart. But before Tina is allowed to go home Cris has one more surprise for her long lost friend.

  • Counting
  • Playwright: Maria Gabriele
  • Director: Christine Farrell
  • Cast: Maria Gabriele and Maria Elizabeth Ryan
  • Synopsis: Wanda is on her way out of prison after six years. Gianna is on her way in. Stuck in the same holding cell, an extraordinary and intense friendship emerges. While doubt about life on the outside consumes Wanda, in a moment of selflessness she shares with Gianna her secret of how to survive on the inside. It is in the numbers.

  • Last Call on Bourbon Street
  • Playwright: William K. Powers
  • Director: Alexa Polmer
  • Cast: Tyler Bunch, Amanda Bruton, Todd Davis, Andrew Eisenman, Stu Richel and Raushanah Simmons.
  • Synopsis: The waters have receded and the sound bites have dried up. There ain't no customers and the Insurance Man is on his way to shut 'em down. But bar owner Benny and his motley crew of regulars, prostitutes, drag queens and retirees, aren't going down without a fight. The Insurance Man doesn't know what he's in for 'cuz like Benny says New Orleans ain't goin' back to the vines!

The creative team for Coming Home comprises Sarah B. Brown (set design), Sara James (costume), Scott Hay (lighting) and Geoffrey Roecker (sound).

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