"Chang In A Void Moon" by John Jesurun at La MaMa Experimental Theater Club 31 Oct 2003

Thu 9 Oct 2003 "Chang In A Void Moon" by John Jesurun at La MaMa Experimental Theater Club 31 Oct 2003 John Jesurun returns to La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club on 31 Oct to 16 Nov 2003 with three new installments of his living film serial play, Chang in a Void Moon. The three new episodes will be performed on the following schedule: Episode #53 October 31, November 1 and 2 (all 7:30 pm); Episode #54 November 7, 8 (7:30 pm) and 9 (2:30 and 7:30 pm); and Episode #55 November 14, 15 (7:30) and 16 (2:30 and 7:30). Chang in a Void Moon the first serialized play ever produced in NY, began in 1982 at the Pyramid Club with Episode #1, won a Bessie in 1985, and has been highly acclaimed through over 50 episodes to-date. Now in its 21st year, the original theater work returns with members of the original cast in three entirely new episodes. Performers will include original cast members John Hagan, Donna Herman, Ruth Gray, Helena White, Anna Kohler, Sanghi Wagner, Oscar de la Fe Colon, Lisa Herman , Nicky Paraiso , Rebecca Moore, Greg Mehrten, Mary Shultz, Black-Eyed Susan , Ching Valdes-Aran, David Cale. There will also be special surprise guests. Each episode of Chang in a Void Moon plays with various media forms, pop-cultural constructs and entertainment genres. Essentially a soap opera, the drama (comedy and mystery) of "Chang" revolves around the exploits of a businessman by that name and his schemes to defraud the Peters clan, a wealthy family steeped in severe dysfunction. The construction of "Chang" is as important as its text. It is converged by the influence of film, television and radio rather than by theatrical convention. Scenes begin and end abruptly, as if cut and spliced together. Camera effects are replicated: actors are frequently suspended on platforms in various configurations to suggest overhead shots, long shots, and shots from below. Stagings have included helicopter rescues, sailboat races, a floating saxophone, car crashes and chases. Music is by Barbez, a New York art-rock ensemble. (Photo: Donna Hermann in Episode 47 at La MaMa, 1995. Photo credit: Donna Cort)

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