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Carrie, by Erik Jackson, at P.S. 122

Theatre Couture presents the musical Carrie, a comedy by Erik Jackson, based on the novel by Stephen King, opening at P.S. 122 (Downstairs) on 9 Dec 2006, following previews from 2 Dec and running though to 30 Dec 2006.

Carrie: Poor Carrie. At home she�s abused by her religious fanatic mother. At school, she�s the butt of every joke. And to top it all off, she just got her very first period in the locker room showers. Her nasty classmates, including the beautiful but brutal Christine Hargensen think they have the upper hand but Carrie knows revenge and with her ability to move objects using her mind the upcoming prom turns from dream-come-true to nightmare.

Directed by Josh Rosenzweig, Carrie features Sherry Vine (aka Keith Levy), Kate Goehring, Keri Meoni, Kathy Searle, Rafi Silver, Matt Wilkas, Marnye Young, David Ilku and Danielle Skraastad.

Set design by Tobin Ost, with lighting by Paul Hackenmueller and original music and sound by Robert Kaplowitz

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