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Cardboard Celebration Circus at the Theatre for the New City

The Bread and Puppet Theatre Company presents Cardboard Celebration Circus, by Peter Schumann and his Bread and Puppet Company, at the Theatre For The New City from the 10 - 18 Dec 2005.

Cardboard Celebration Circus: Bread and Puppet's favorite kid-acts: Pinky the big elephant, large apes, The Rotten Idea Theater Company (with Kaspers); birds (black and white), a Tiger Act, a Stilt Act, and even some acts that are not necessarily for kids. Topical portions will include a CAFTA act (about the Central American Free Trade Agreement) and the Wedding of Church and State. Proceedings are 'managed' by the Architects of the Correct Moment, a group of red and white clowns and will be accompanied by a brass band, singing and miscellaneous gongs and horns.

The Puppets have been designed and created by Peter Schumann.

Bread and Puppet, founded by Peter Schumann in 1962 on the Lower East Side, is now an internationally recognized company that champions a visually rich, street-theater brand of performance art. Its shows are political and spectacular, with huge puppets made of paper mach� and cardboard; a brass band for accompaniment, and anti-elitist dance. Most are morality plays--about how people act toward each other--whose prototype is "Everyman." Their overall theme is universal peace.

Bread and Puppet productions use music, dance and slapstick. Their puppets of all kinds and sizes, masks, sculptural costumes, paintings, buildings and landscapes all evidence Schumann's distinctive visual style of dance, expressionism, dark humor and low-culture simplicity.

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