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Candida at the Bouwerie Lane Theatre

The Jean Cocteau Repertory Theatre Company presents Candida, by George Bernard Shaw, opening at the Bouwerie Lane Theatre on the 28 Dec 2005, following previews from the 16 Dec and running through to the 29 Jan 2006.

Candida tells the story of an empowered wife who is forced to choose between her steadfast clergyman husband and the passionate young poet who has fallen in love with her. At times serious and touching, and mixed with comic scenes, Shaw's uncharacteristically romantic play tests the boundaries of people's expected roles within a marriage and, to a larger extent, within society.

"Candida is truly a vibrant play," says director Michael Halberstam. "Three thrillingly vital people, each with ruggedly differing notions of an ideal marriage, struggle for the supremacy of their own beliefs. All are radically changed by the end of the play."

"What in lesser hands could be mundane and dull, in the hands of Shaw is startlingly contemporary, touching and sparkling with wit," Halberstam adds.

The cast is led by Amanda Jones as Candida Morelland and David Tillistran as Reverend James Morell. Joining them are Angus Hepburn, Danaher Dempsey, Seth Duerr and Kate Holland.

The creative team includes Brian Sidney Bembridge (scene design), Sean Sullivan (costume design), Joel Moritz (lighting design) and Josh Schmidt (sound design).

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