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Buried Child at the American Theatre of Actors

The Roundtable Ensemble presents Buried Child, by Sam Shepard, at the American Theatre of Actors from the 27 Jan - 12 Feb 2006.

Buried Child punctures the Norman Rockwell-like exterior of American family life, revealing a disturbingly rotten core. Set in rural Illinois farm country, the play depicts a family poisoned by repressed desires, shattered relations and a deeply suppressed secret. The arrival of two estranged relatives forces the family not only to face each other, but also the secret they have been hiding.

Buried Child's cast, directed by Cyndy A. Marion, features: Rod Sweitzer, Bill Rowley, Karen Gibson, David Look, Chris Stretson, Ginger Kroll & David Elyha.

The production has set design by Caroline Abella, lighting by Debra Leigh Siegel, and sound by Kevin Paul Giordano.

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