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'Bug' now booking to 27 Feb 2005

Mon 8 Nov 2004 'Bug' now booking to 27 Feb 2005 Bug, is now taking bookings to 27 Feb 2005 at the Barrow Street Theatre. (Off Broadway) Directed by Dexter Bullard, the cast includes: Kate Buddeke, Jonno Roberts, Michael Cullen, Dee Pelletier, and Troy West A hallucinatory tale of pests and paranoia, Bug is a dark comedy exploring themes of isolation and delusion. AGNES (Cochran), a scrappy, drug-addled woman is laying low in an Oklahoma City motel to avoid her ex-husband GOSS who is on early release from prison. His arrival spells trouble when he discovers that Agnes has forged a new relationship with an enigmatic younger man named PETER (Shannon). In this psycho-thriller, residents of this spooky motel are visited by mysterious strangers, haunted by events from their pasts, and attacked by bugs. ***Bug premiered at the Gate Theatre London in 1996 and was produced in the playwright's theatrical hometown of Chicago by A Red Orchid Theatre.

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