Brits Off-Broadway 2008 at 59e59 Theatres

59e59 Theatres announce the 2008 lineup for their 5th annual festival Brits off-Broadway. This year the festival features three of Scotland's top playwrights, acclaimed stage and film actor Ewen Bremner and Brits Off Broadway's first ever musical!

The Brits Off-Broadway 2008 presents:

  • Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila and Lee
    Genre: Drama
    Playwright: David Greig
    Director: Guy Hollands Producers: TAG Citizens Theatre
    Synopsis: A modern Bonnie and Clyde tale of two teenagers on the run in the Highlands of Scotland. Silent Leila is an introverted girl who has a passion for celebrity magazines. Stag Lee Macalinden is the deadest of dead end kids in a dead end town. They never meant to get mixed up in murder...
    Dates: 23 Apr - 18 May

  • The Unconquered
    Genre: Drama
    Playwright: Torben Betts
    Director: Muriel Romanes
    Producers: Stellar Quines Theatre Company
    Synopsis: About a fiercely intelligent young girl and her relentless refusal of the establishment. When a people's revolution breaks out and a mercenary soldier intrudes the family home, the conflict between the regime and the unconquered girl is revealed.
    Dates: 1 - 18 May

  • Damascus
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: David Greig
    Director: Philip Howard
    Producers: 59E59 Theaters
    Cast: Ewen Bremner, Nathalie Armin, Alex Elliott, Dolya Gavanski and Khalid Laith.
    Synopsis: An English language textbook salesman on assignment to the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth.
    Dates: 8 May - 1 Jun

  • Artefacts
    Genre: Drama
    Playwright: Mike Bartlett
    Director: James Grieve
    Producers: nabokov and the Bush Theatre
    Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Kelly is having a normal Saturday when her unknown father, who is Iraqi, turns up out of the blue. He's smuggled a priceless antique from the Baghdad Museum and wants Kelly to look after it. He's got a plane to catch, but Kelly threatens to smash it unless he stays and gets to know her.
    Dates: 21 May - 8 Jun

  • Blink
    Genre: Drama
    Playwright: Ian Rowlands
    Director: Steve Fisher
    Producers: F.A.B. Theatre
    Synopsis: Set in Wales, UK, the initial inspiration for the play was the events surrounding the Clywch enquiry - a report into the systematic abuse of children at a Welsh language school. The play is an examination of the close-knit lives and lies of a small south Wales community, whose secrets start with the rudey club and end with '12 words that ruined a life.'
    Dates: 21 May - 8 Jun

  • The Hired Man
    Genre: Musical
    Composer & Lyricist: Howard Goodall
    Book: Melvyn Bragg
    Director: Daniel Buckroyd
    Producers: New Perspectives Theatre Company
    Synopsis: Set in rural Cumbria in the early part of the twentieth century, The musical tells the story of a young married couple and their struggle to carve a living from the land, just as the rhythms of English country life are being interrupted by the gathering storm of war in Europe.
    Dates: 5 - 29 Jun

  • Vincent River
    Genre: Drama
    Playwright: Philip Ridley
    Director: Steve Marmion
    Producers: Old Vic Productions
    Cast: Deborah Findlay and Mark Field
    Synopsis: About a woman visited by a teenager who has some connection with the death of her son.
    Dates: 10 - 29 Jun

  • Some Kind of Bliss
    Genre: Comedy
    Playwright: Samuel Adamson
    Director: Toby Frow
    Producers: Trafalgar Studios
    Cast: Lucy Briers
    Synopsis: Rachel, a small-time hack and seeker of minor adventure, sets off down the Thames Path to Greenwich to interview British pop legend Lulu for her tabloid's glossy supplement. But between London Bridge and Lulu's mirrored hallway lies a series of unpredicted and comic events. A play about how a walk on an everyday Wednesday can become an odyssey that turns your life upside down.
    Dates: 10 - 29 Jun

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