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Bridge Over Land at the Interart Theatre Annex

Interart Theatre Development presents Bridge Over Land, three short plays written and directed by Gilbert Girion, at the Interart Theatre Annex from 18 Apr - 10 May 2008.

Bridge Over Land: Made up of three short plays: In Dark Land a son tends to his father who, embarrassed by his own grief over the death of his wife, steps away from the other mourners. In Tableland, a young man contends with his mother who is becoming unhinged -- but not without her own brand of grace and humor. And in Number Land, a math professor finds himself at the door of one of his former students. As this unlikely pair negotiate this humorous and awkward visit, deeper issues of loss and mourning are revealed. In the end, some deeper feelings surface, putting into question the possibilities between two people who have found an emotional bridge across a distance of years.

Bridge Over Land is performed by Lisa Chess, David Gelles-Hurwitz, Josh Liveright, Kati Rediger and Ed Setrakian.

The creative team comprises Arnulfo Maldonado (sets), Naomi Wolff (costumes), Lucrecia Briceno (lighting) and Jeffrey Yoshi Lee (sound).

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