Box Americana: A Wal-Mart Retail Fantasia at the Bank Street Theater

The Working Theater presents Box Americana: A Wal-Mart Retail Fantasia, by Jason Grote, directed by Connie Grappo, at the Bank Street Theater from the 15 - 25 Jun 2006.

Box Americana: A Wal-Mart Retail Fantasia: The Ghost of Sam Walton is resurrected with his own personal chorus of Chinese workers to sing the praises of consumer Utopia. Located at Wal-Mart #24-2-128, the economic epicenter of Sprawlville, USA, the play takes place at a moment when the world�s largest employer is defending itself against the largest class-action lawsuit in American history for gender discrimination.

It follows Kelly, a delusional but passionate cheerleader for the Wal-Mart ideology and Danae, an African-American mother escaping the double threats of Hurricane Katrina and her violent, impoverished past. They both seek a future of advancement based on merit and hard work, but when push comes to shove with this corporate behemoth, they discover that the Promised Land is a swamp of inequity and empty rhetoric.

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