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Bottomless at the Bowery Poetry Club

RVLP productions in association with Elba Sette-Camara presents Bottomless, a comedy by Kellie Arens, at the Bowery Poetry Club from 3 - 24 Nov 2007.

Bottomless: Portia and Dolly both have big dreams, but neither has much hope of reaching their goals. Portia is a struggling actress with a worry streak a mile wide and an attitude to match. When not fixated on her appearance, she keeps up on the latest entertainment gossip and tries to stick to her most recent diet. Meanwhile, her friend Dolly, stuck in a dead-end job as a law secretary, has a severe lack of ambition, with her greatest accomplishment being that she sometimes finishes the newspaper crossword puzzle. And she's also sleeping with Portia's boyfriend.

The emptiness of these two women's lives is played out in a clothing store changing room where Portia frantically tries on one pair of jeans after another while Dolly passes them to her through the door. As they're talking to each other, they're also having conversations with themselves, with more than an occasional snide comment. Comments which reveal not only who they really are, but also what they really think about their so-called "friend."

Directed by Denyse Owens, Bottomless features Elba Sette-Camara and Kellie Arens.

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