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Blink at 59E59's Theater C

F.A.B. Theatre present Blink, by Ian Rowlands, opening at 59E59's Theater C on 25 May 2008, following previews from 21 May and running through to 8 Jun 2008. The play is presented as part of 59E59 Theaters' Brits off-Broadway festival.

Blink: Set in Wales, UK, the initial inspiration for the play was the events surrounding the Clywch enquiry - a report into the systematic abuse of children at a Welsh language school. The play is an examination of the close-knit lives and lies of a small south Wales community, whose secrets start with the rudey club and end with �12 words that ruined a life.�

Directed by Steve Fisher, Blink features Rhian Blythe, Lisa Palfrey and Sion Pritchard.

The cretive team features set design by Rhys Jarman, with lighting by Trevor Turton.

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