Beer for Breakfast at the Producer's Club II

Talegate Productions, LLC presents Beer for Breakfast, by Robert Scott Sullivan, at the Producer's Club II from the 21 Jun - 23 Jul 2006.

Beer for Breakfast: Their names are Rob Silver, Boomer, Rob Robinson and Nick. They have recently graduated from three universities. One of them is considering an advanced degree in law. Two of them are considering getting jobs. None of them have been remotely prepared for the world outside.

They share one apartment, several girlfriends and financial terror. Their jeans are ripped as are their abs.They live for now. Eat when they can. Breathe because it's free. All in all the future looks bleak. But they've got a plan 'Beer for Breakfast"

Directed by Jenn Bornstein, Beer for Breakfast features Ricardo Maldonado, Tom Olori, Justine Campbell-Elliott, Meg Bartholomay, Topher Mikels, Nathan Bock and Ken Hatlee.

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