Be, a rhythm-dance-performance act at Union Square Theatre

The internationally acclaimed rhythm-dance-performance phenomenon Mayumana (my-�YOO-mah-nah) makes its American premiere with its newest high-energy stage spectacle, Be created and directed by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman

Mayumana�s Be begins previews at Off-Broadway�s Union Square Theatre on 23 Feb 2007. The show opens on 13 Mar, and is booking to 3 Apr 2007.

Mayumana�s Be is an explosive new 90-minute production specifically created for its American premiere.

Over the past decade, more than 3.5 million people have experienced a Mayumana show, and to date, the Mayumana company has performed more than 5,000 shows in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Throughout the last six years, there has been a Mayumana show �- usually two or more �- performing somewhere in the world almost every evening.

Conceived by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman in Tel Aviv in 1996, Mayumana (from the Hebrew meaning skill) is a purely theatrical event that combines elements from various art disciplines based on music, movement, acting, dance and rhythm.

An ever-evolving performance piece, Mayumana has gone through constant re-creation in its ten-year history, giving focus to the individual talents of its evolving roster of cast members, who come to the show from all parts of the globe.

"It�s not easy to classify this show," said Nuphar. "It�s music, it�s theatre, it�s percussion, it�s dance, it�s wit. It�s us being ourselves and basically, anything goes. Creativity and energy are our main themes. We put an emphasis not only on the technical skills of the performers, but also on their ability to play both among themselves and to the audience."

"These performers are artists who were carefully selected by talent, versatility and personality make-up," added Berman. "Each contributes to the overall piece by creating specifically tailored singing, dancing and acting roles. With all of these elements coming into play and working in unison, every performance is usually somewhat different."

The multinational Off-Broadway premiere cast of Mayumana�s Be includes co-creator Boaz Berman, Sharon Ben Naim (Israel), Vicente de Andres (Madrid), Michael Feigenbaum (Switzerland), Alba Bonal Garcia (Barcelona), Silvia Garcia de Ves (Palma de Mallorca), Ido Kagan (Israel), Yael Mahler (Israel), Eva Boucherite Martin (Spain), Taly Minkov (Mexico), Reut Rotem (Israel), Ido Stadler (Israel), Aka Jean Claude Thiemele (Ivory Coast) and Hila Yaffe (Israel).

The production features scenic design by Nizan Refaeli, costume design by Neta Haker, lighting design by Eyal Tavori and sound design by Amir Schorr.

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