'Bath Party,' Meital Dohan's one-woman comedy show, at the HERE Arts Center

Bathtub productions presents the World Premiere of Bath Party by Meital Dohan, Karen Shefler and Ayelet Dekel, performed by Israeli film star Meital Dohan, directed by Karen Shefler.

Performances begin on the 21 Aug 2005 and play through to the 18 Sep 2005 at the HERE Arts Center.

Meital Dohan, a movie star in Israel, tells the personal story of her long-distance infatuation with America. She�s a star in her home country, but in America she�s just another immigrant in search of the American Dream. Nearly nude with a bath tub as her pulpit and a video screen, a Filipino manicurist and a gay Texan stage manager as her co-stars, the stunning Ms. Dohan dances, sings and waxes on about everything American from nationality and identity to the globalization of American culture. She draws parallels from her experience to that of immigrants universally. The show is a 21st Century compendium of pop-cultural ideas with an unrelenting beat and even a 'Charlie�s Angels' style action sequence.

�This is a very kinetic production which adds to tackling the themes,� says director Karen Shefler. �Issues of immigration and American Globalization and the redefining of the American Dream are at the forefront right now. We have chosen to tell this story in a fun and exciting way so as to appeal to the wide audience that these themes are relevant to.�

Star/ co-writer Meital Dohan is a young Israeli actress who has appeared in dozens of theater, television and movie productions. In Israel, Meital was a recipient of the America-Israel Fund Scholarships and the Cameri Scholarship for Young Actors. She received the Theatre Academy's Most Promising Actress Award for the year 2000. Her film credits include leading roles in 'Giraffes' and 'God's Sandbox' (winner of several international film festival awards and opening in America later this month). Both roles earned her the Israeli Oscar nomination. Meital is currently appearing on Israeli Television Channel 2�s series 'Ugly Esti' that was awarded the Golden Screen Award for 2003.

Director/ co-writer Karen Shefler received an MFA in Theatre Directing from Columbia University in May 2004. She was nominated by the theatre department faculty as their choice for The Princess Grace Award in 2002. Her New York directing credits include 'Blood Wedding' (CSV and The Theatre of the Riverside Church), 'Uncle Vanya' and' The Ghost Sonata' (with composer Douglas Geers).

The rest of the artistic team for Bath Party includes: Ayelet Dekel (Israeli footage video director and co-writer,) Adolfo Doring (American footage video director,) David Bernard Ambrose (video designer), Rich Benjamin PhD (consultant: an expert on American politics and culture from Stanford), Annie Nocenti (Dramaturge) and Timothy Haskell (fight choreographer).

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