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Baghdaddy to shutter at St. Luke's Theatre on July 2

Tom Millward
Tom Millward

Musical comedy Baghdaddy, which previously played off-Broadway under the title "Who's Your Baghdaddy? Or How I Started the Iraq War", will play its final performance at the St. Luke's Theatre on July 2, 2017. Previews began on April 6, 2017, before an official opening on May 1.

Baghdaddy is written by Marshall Pailet and A.D. Penedo, based on a screenplay by J.T. Allen, directed by Marshall Pailet and choreographed by Misha Shields.

Synopsis: "The show begins in a church basement, where disgraced spies, along with the unwitting audience, gather for a support group meeting. The action soon shifts to Frankfurt Airport, where a mysterious Iraqi defector claims he built secret Iraqi bio-weapons labs. At CIA headquarters, our other characters are contending with their own ambitions, rash decisions, inflexible bosses, unrequited affections and unremitting boredom, when a fax arrives from Germany, and with it a golden opportunity. If the defector's story holds up, it will be the ticket out of the basement and into a corner office. It's all fun and games until the looming cataclysm changes everything."

The cast of Baghdaddy includes Brendan Caldwell (as Richart Becker), Jason Collins (as Tyler Nelson), Bob D'Haene (as Martin Bouchard), Brandon Espinoza (as The Man), Joe Joseph (as Curveball), Claire Neumann (as The Woman), Larisa Oleynik (as Berry Stanton) and Ethan Slater (as Jerry Samuel).

The creative team behind Baghdaddy features musical direction by Rona Siddiqui, orchestrations by Charlie Rosen, scenic design by Kaite Heavner, costume design by Summer Lee Jack, and lighting design by Jennifer Schriever.

Baghdaddy is produced off-Broadway by Charlie Fink, with Jan Brandt, Abigail E. Disney and Tim Disney.

"Who's Your Baghdaddy? Or How I Started the Iraq War" originally played the Actors Temple Theater in October 2015.


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