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At The Hand Of My Mother at the Ward Studio

The Ward Studio Company presents At The Hand Of My Mother, by Wendy Ward in association with the Ward Studio Company, at the Ward Studio from 12 Jan - 5 Apr 2008.

Set alternately in mid-19th and late-20th century Ireland, At The Hand Of My Mother presents interwoven stories of the deaf community's ongoing struggle to communicate and exist on its own terms. Whether being forced to abandon the language of signing her mother taught her or fighting to liberate herself from the "signing-only" home from which she came, our young heroine finds herself at the mercy of those in the hearing world who claim to know what's best for her.

At The Hand Of My Mother is the story of a child's desire to fit in, a mother's anguish at losing her daughter to the hearing world and an unsentimental portrait of mother-daughter commitment in the midst of this adversity.

Directed by Wendy Ward, At The Hand Of My Mother features Meagan Barno, Alden Burgess, Gina Galliano, Merel Smitt and Roni Yaniv.

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