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At Home on Stage, a benefit/variety show performed by the homeless, for the homeless, at St. Paul's Hall

At Home on Stage, a benefit/variety Show by the homeless for the homeless, at St. Paul's Hall on 11 & 12 Jan 2008 .

New Yorkers, most of all, know the importance of the stage in our culture and city at large, as well as the power of theater to entertain and educate. With this production, homeless individuals have a new kind of platform on which to express themselves�a stage, not the subway.

At Home on Stage will not only bridge the gap between the theater community and the underserved community of the homeless, it will broaden the experiences of the performers and their audiences, allowing both to gain insights into their own prejudices, stereotypes, and the ways in which they can incite positive and effective change.

"Doing theater and creating your own work is an amazing self esteem boost," says event creator Josh Kauffman. As a native of the Midwest who moved to New York City to pursue his acting career, Kauffman is deeply moved by the presence and plight of homeless men, women, and children throughout New York City. "When I moved here ten years ago, I was shocked at how prevalent homelessness was. Over time, I became more complacent about it�that began to worry me, and then to stimulate me to act on it," he says. At Home on Stage was born of that evolution.

At Home on Stage is a not-for-profit theater project funded by private donors and organizations that aims to make the plight of the homeless accessible to the greater New York community.

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